Metal To Infinity

Sometimes things can turn into an odd situation. For example vocalist Greg Fulton his career can be described as rather unsuccessful, although he joined bands like Znowhite and Cyclone Temple in the 80's and 90's.  Those that are familiar with that era will remember both bands as promising and with a lot of potential to grow outside the underground circuit. Concerning Znowhite, I must admit that I was really into their music since ''All Hail To Thee'' and ''Kick 'em When They're Down''.  Years go by, the Chicago scene changed drastically and perhaps we can conclude that it was time to start a third band, a kind of next platform to cry out the modern needs of a passionate musician: Rebels Without Applause was born!    

After the necessary auditions, the band established a stable line up and the first recordings took place.  What we have in hands right now is the second release of Rebels Without Applause and if my information is right, there is already a third one in the making.  Anyway, let's focus on ''Low End Head Stomp'' that contains ten tracks.  Is there any common factor in the musical direction of this band compared with earlier releases and bands?  Not at all dude, cause this is a totally new path that has to be explored.

The music of R.W.A. can be described as a mixture of hip hop meets metal meets all kind of musical styles with a totally indefinable end result.   During the listening sessions I was thinking on a band from Holland that was called Urban Dance Squad, but this time in a rawer and meaner version.  Let's say Urban Dance Squad that emerged from the undergrounds of Chicago, and being blessed with a great bass player and a perfect groove in the songs.  Well, perhaps R.W.A. will approach this comparison...    

All songs on ''Low End Head Stomp'' have a pumping rhythm and groovy mix, while the vocals are loud and proud and fit really to the musical style of the band.  Do I like the music of  Rebels Without Applause?  Well, that's a tough one, as I'm a European.  I guess that this band is raging in the USA, but the musical direction is not directly hot in Europe. Those that are into the American style of street metal must check this band's homepage and I'm pretty sure that their live stage act is tearing down the roof.  So, let my rating be in the middle, a kind of best of both words and see for yourself if you dig it! 

My rating: 78 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)