Metal To Infinity

Metal from Greece – according to me always worth to pay full attention to as soon as a band appears with a debut effort. I’d like to present another formation from Greece named Ragenheart consisting of five members, each one armed with technical skills to the teeth – take notice of these guys because they’re good, I mean, fantastic actually!

Formed in Athens, Attica in 2002 – first effort ever released was a demo entitled “In the Name Of God” and now with a helping hand of Jowita / Simone, leaders of Metal On Metal Records, Ragenheart got the a wonderful opportunity to release a debut full-length album. The collaboration between band and label went very well, meanwhile all is done – the self titled debut effort from these Greek lads looks awesome and there is a lot of ‘good to know’ information / images, lyrics within the booklet. Definitely a pleasure to look at but the most burning question of all is what Ragenheart has to offer, right?!

Well, first I’d like to mention the fact that they have a superb singer using his voice mostly in a loud, stable and very clear way. Not fully high pitched but when he spits out higher vocal notes, I make a fist and say 'hell-yeah'. He's also got something dramatic or emotional deep within his throat and that’s a good thing to me. Focused on the frontman only, top notch! As for the rest of the guys, I actually can say quite the same. Awesome, excellent guitar riffs / solos breathing pure Metal, bass player offers nice moves, just like his mate behind the drum kit does – and although I'm not a big fan of keyboards, I can still deal with the keyboard moves on Ragenheart’s debut CD.

Musically talking, the band plays Power / old school Hard Rock / Heavy Metal sometimes with an epic or dark touch and fans of Progressive Metal should have a great time listening to Ragenheart as well. A lot of catchy and melodic highlights here, this effort has a lot to offer and didn’t bore me for one single moment. The song structures differ from each other in so many ways, Ragenheart’s debut is an absolutely must for Metal maniacs pure. 

‘Illusion Of Fire’ is a good dark minded Prog Metal song but I’ve heard better songs as I follow my heart. ‘Black Gold’ for example – AMAZING vocals and a Classic Metal touch in the vein of old Rainbow from the years with the almighty Ronnie James Dio. I also hear an epic / dark influence and flaming guitar moves – awesome all over! ‘The Spartan’ has quite the same character so I'm very satisfied again! Power Metal ballad ‘Here I Am’ can’t please me completely so bring on some more power please. It seems like my wish is Ragenheart’s command - ‘In The Name Of God’ sounds amazingly good and offers a lot of power (as I asked for). Last one, ‘The Amulet' is even better and reminds me of US Metal gods Gargoyle in some ways!

Do I have a great time listening to Ragenheart’s debut? With an overwhelming conviction I’d like to say: Yeah! Together with another Metal On Metal Records newcomer named Mortalicum, this album is so damn awesome, they both can count on my support for sure and hope from you the same. If Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music means something to you out there, well go take a look at www.metal-on-metal.com and purchase the albums you’ll be hooked on. 

The homepage of Ragenheart can be found at
www.myspace.com/ragenheart. Fans of early Rainbow, Dio, Conception, Sorcerer, Heir Apparent – get up and follow your Metal heart!

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)