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It happens not that often that we at Metal To Infinity webzine make one or another review from a band hailing from Bulgaria. Occasional or not but a few days ago, MTI co-editor Officer Nice discussed the CD from another Bulgarian band called Hades. Feel free to check our CD Reviews section and read all about this great formation as well. Maybe I'm wrong but I guess that the Metal movement over there ain’t that big as in Europe or the US for example. About the origin of great Metal acts I actually don’t care – main is the manner it is brought, right! 

I never heard of the name Rampart before – shame on me it seems because the band offered me a promo CD to review… it’s their debut effort that carries the title of “Voice Of The Wilderness” released through French label Infernö Records in 2009. A year before they brought out a first demo called “Warrior”. Rampart exists out of three full members and two so called session musicians. The vocal delivery by Maria D.S. is quite unique. Yeah, she has a really good voice use in her might – quite unique and more than once reminiscent to Kai Hansen in its early days along with legendary Helloween fame. Based on Rampart’s style I’d like to describe it as old fashioned, European based (mostly Germany) Heavy / Power / Speed Metal with tons of ear spoiling melodic elements. Especially the guitar works seem outstanding to me – fast riffing alternating with pure Heavy / Power Metal movements to make a satisfied person of me. The guitar solo’s are very technical and beautiful to listen at – played with a lot of agility within their fingertips, shredders in charge Yavor Kamenov and Victor Georgiev deliver the goods for sure! 

Opening track ‘Under Control’ is a true headbanger due to the speed up velocities served by a good drummer and fire spitting, fast guitar players. The voice of Maria D.S. as mentioned before in the vein of Kai Hansen and she does it outstanding! Great old school Heavy Metal riffs fully enjoyable on a song called ‘Warrior’ and the title track starts with the sound from clashing swords on the battlefield – what follows is absolutely nice! Dragging tempi alternating with fast rhythms and unique vocals and tons of melodies. Power / Speed Metal addicts better make a stand to survive next work ‘The Flood’. To me, a song that can compete with bands like Vahldemar or old White Skull / Synergy / Hammerfall without problems. I don’t know what the intention has been to ad a song like ‘Age Of Steel’ to the songlist. Reading the title, I was expecting a full Metal loaded composition but no way… hard to define for me so allows me to say that this one does not belong on a great album like “Voice Of The Wilderness”. Rampart is a good band made to serve their Metal real hard, fast and melodic all the way and that’s it! 

Nine songs has been added to “Voice Of The Wilderness” and I’ve heard enough elements to make myself hard to say that Rampart is a very promising band. They will not win any prices for originality but that’s another point to discuss. I definitely like to hear their new album that’ll be unleashed somewhere in 2011. Awaiting to that effort, they will also participating on a tribute to Helloween and Gamma Ray called “HelloRay”. Epicus Records shall release the album by the end of 2010 so watch out for it, Rampart will bring the song ‘Just A Little Sign’ in full glory for sure!  

I will keep an eye on these Bulgarians’ further movements and look forward to hear them back the sooner the better – more info at: www.myspace.com/rampartbg  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)