Metal To Infinity

Rampart are from Sofia, Bulgaria and it was their former album “Voice Of The Wilderness” which gave me a spark inside. Name of the game during the entire album could be described as Classic Heavy Metal music with original vocals by Maria D.S. who was surrounded by a bunch of good players who brought me their talented skills in a proper way. What do you when you hear a good Metal album? Right, you start longing for a follow up and lucky bastard I am – Rampart’s brand new project “War Behest” has been released through France label Infernö Records a few days ago. 

During an email interview, front lady Maria D.S. told me the new album has a lot to offer to the Heavy Metal community. Based on the lyrics Maria said the following word: “This conceptual piece of music consists of 10 compositions and presents an anti-utopia of War as clash of interest. This is a story about the restrictions of man and the decisions”. There is a new guitar player added to the Rampart ranks named Vili Neshev. Also in charge as main songwriter and man behind the compositions. Listening to “War Behest”, he must be more than just a welcome present for the band. All because of the fact this concept effort is a real good work, production not to polished, just great and cover artist Dimitar Nikolov (well know for beautiful artworks for Keep It True Festival, Ross The Boss, Sentinel Beast, Nasty Tendency, Wishdoom and plenty of more).  

“War Behest” delivers ten songs started with the prologue ‘Thunder Realm’ and shut down with the epilogue ‘March On To Victory’ – everything in between to experience is quite a lot to me. Authentic True Heavy Metal music reign supreme, you can’t escape from the True Metal forces of Rampart… nothing but songs that stick to your soul. Seekers and hunters of old school steel definitely have to order Rampart’s new effort “War Behest”… and that is not an exaggerated fact. Perhaps less fast songs than their predecessor had to offer but listen full of attention, I have to admit that the band radiates more maturity. The song structures are better worked out, also here and there the guitar tactics differ a bit from the older songs. The guitars on the new album have a harder (as a told before), more mature sound and feels really good to me. And yeah, the one who still know how to demand my attention is singer Maria D.S. Besides her comparisons with Kai Hanssen (as I’ve mention in my review for “Voices Of The Wilderness”), here on the new album “War Behest” also the great Jutta Weinhold (ex-Velvet Viper & Zed Yago) crosses my mind and that’s a big compliment for sure! Call it original/unique or very rare… this way voices can’t do anything wrong, at least in my opinion! 

Shall I go on with the mentioning of a few recommended songs? Well, first you gotta take a good listen to ‘Army Of The Perfect’ and its hard hitting, guitar driving skills… harder than steel! More tempo to enjoy during ‘Ghost Of Freedom’, ‘Road To The unknown’ fully loaded with roaring riffs and leads. My favourite one without a doubt is the second to last track entitled ‘Give Nothing Back’! Great piece which give me an Helstar feel, the combination of both guitars and vocals steal my attention. Everything to do with US Metal music deserves my complete appreciation so thanks to Rampart for the making of such a brilliant song. US Metal Still Reign Supreme! 

Am I satisfied with “War Behest” from Bulgarian Rampart? Well, you better firmly believe I am. Their sound might be a bit different, harder and more mature than before but most important fact is that the spirit of authentic Epic Heavy Metal is still present which keep my satisfaction up high!. Order at: http://www.inferno-records.net/  Rampart via Facebook  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)