Metal To Infinity

Ram-Zet finished on the 12th position in my personal top 20 of 2009, so it defines perfect how I feel abound this genius band!  What they bring is Extreme Metal, a kind of Avant-Garde Metal with all kind of influences combined to one extreme beautiful end result!  They hail from Norway, and founding member Zet started as a one-man project. Years go by, albums are released and at present time, Ram-Zet is a full-grown band that brings ‘Schizo-Metal’. 

I have several of their previous releases, but the new one ‘Neutralized’ blew my speakers from day one.  The lyrics are brought by Sfinx with an angelic voice, combined with deadly intermezzo’s of Zet whose also taking care of the guitars. The first track (Infamia) on the new album is really modest, but with a really great chorus line.  The music is intense, and full of surprises, and the opener of the album is the perfect choice to get into the right mood. As track 2 starts (I Am Dirt), the show is going into a higher level as there is much more to explore and enjoy! Eastern influences, a voice that is coming straight out of the grave, and after a minute a totally different direction. This is what Ram-Zet is all about: unexpected twists, totally diverse hooks, extreme meets melody and heaviness becomes melodic. About one hour of pure enthusiastic Metal and with a variation of sounds and influences. 

Strange that a band like Ram-Zet inked a deal with a rather small label like Ascendance Records. On the opposite, it’s really cool that Ascendance took the time and interest to release this masterpiece. I guess and do hope that this will result in a win/win situation.   

It would be a waste of time to write about every song, as I can give you only one advice: listen to this album and you will be taken by the throat.  How intense and beautiful can Metal be?  I guess that Ram-Zet succeeded to come close to the edge of perfectionism! 

At the moment that I write these words, I wonder if the 12th. position isn’t undervalued… 

My Rating: 97 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)