Metal To Infinity

I didn’t see this one coming! I follow this band since I’ve seen them at the Headbangers Open Air festival in Germany. Their former CD “Hauntings And Possessions” stole my black soul, certainly after their performance at this Festival. Some didn’t like it, I adored it as I am fund of their previous record. I received the very first album too, directly from the band but it was less convincing. For so long “Horrors of The Black Mass” was announced but it seems to take too much time to release, so long I didn’t believe in it anymore. And suddenly, at the last Keep It True festival, I saw this newbie and I was wondered that the year of release seems to be 2011. What did I miss? Was I unconscious for several months? Unbelievable…

Anyway you don’t hear me complain I have this third album of the band in my collection and every fan of True US Metal should try to purchase this one. Not only the front cover will attract you, if you’re into Metal in vein of King Diamond, A Tortured Soul, Mercyful Fate, Overlorde, Attacker, Helstar, Seven Witches etc. you will easily like this one. William ‘Count Bloodwyn’ Jannush is besides a very friendly guy also a strange person. He’s totally into Metal but also a big fan of all kind of Horror and Satanic stories. He’s without an doubt influenced by the master him self, King Diamond. Also on stage he offers the fans these elements and that makes it worth seeing this band live although the chance to see them ever again is nihil.

The new album offers what I’ve heard before on “Hauntings And Possessions” but the band grew, became more mature. The production is better, the song writing is at least as dark. It also takes more time to totally get into this album but that’s not a bad conclusion. Once again I am addicted to Ravensthorn’s music because they overwhelm with their arrangements, with their music and they don’t need a super production to do so. This kind of metal is as traditional as possible but the slight thrasy riffs, the varied mid tempo drum sessions and screaming guitars are making this band so God damn typical an US Metal band!

Next to the good guitars of course Count Bloodwyn’s vocals are receiving all of the attention. This man contains a very unique vocal sound and he knows perfectly when he has to use those high screams. In his aggression he stays able to get emotional connected with his lyrics and with the music and so the entire record contains a dark atmosphere.

If you like horror stories than you will enjoy the lyrics from tracks with the titles “Wolf Witchery”, “Come Walk With The Undead”, “Castle Of Terror”, “Demon Cathedral” and for example “Up From The Crypt”. As a matter of fact this album is full of them and in the professional created booklet you can fully read it. For an independent release this is ultra professional and no Metal fan should doubt adding this one to his or her collection. Another top album from a band that deserves a label, a big label! Support these US Metal band and their killer album! Check: http://www.myspace.com/ravensthorncrypt / http://www.ravensthorncrypt.com

My Points: 91 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)