Metal To Infinity

A time ago, it must have been 2006, I made a review about this US Speed / Thrash Metal band. The critics were pretty positive back then,  meanwhile  a new album was on its way. We’re 2009 and here it is. I don’t know what happened in those years, what I do see is that the band got signed by Pure Steel Records. Awesome! It always feels great to see that a band gets  signed anyway! 

The band didn’t change their style at all! If you’re into melodic eighties Thrash Metal with high pitched yet aggressive vocals you will adore Razor Fist. The production of this album is better than the private pressing a few years ago. Musical wise you won’t discover any changes. From the beginning until the end Razor Fist delivers Metal that will grab you by the throat. No instrumental experimental nor virtuosic arrangements, just ‘in your face’ tracks, 100% pure Metal. 

Razor Fist remains a Thrash Metal band and you will hear a lot of fast played drums. Nevertheless Razor Fist keeps their music varied, uses a lot of breaks, heavy loaded riffs and screaming guitars. Some of the choruses and refrains are pretty predictable yet they fit the songs very good. Musical wise I suppose every Speed and Thrash Metal fanatic will like this release.  

If we mention the vocals I need to say this is ‘hate it or love it’. The reason is obvious; TK Xanax is a screamer all the way! He delivers high pitched screams, sometimes a bit over the edge and I can easily imagine some of you will dislike this kind of vocals. Anyway they are aggressive and they give Razor Fist without any doubt  an exclusive sound. Sometimes TK Xanax reminds me to a screaming version of Alan Tecchio although Alan is far more talented… Anyhow Razor Fist contains a sound that is comparable with bands like Abattoir, Intruder, Exciter, Artillery etc.  

No, Razor Fist didn’t invention a new style, nor they will deliver innovating Metal but the total concept sounds refreshing. Nevertheless the essence and spirit of classic 80's Speed and Thrash metal is present all over! Awesome tracks are “Runner”, “Cosmic hearse driver”, “The Seer”, “First Strike” and “Breath Of Fire”. Razor Fist don’t take any time to calm down, the high tempo remains from the beginning until the end. The recognizable elements of the genre will be responsible for the fact serious damage at your neck muscles will make part of you! Don’t say I didn’t warn you! 

Compared with the debut album Razor Fists didn’t make that much improvement. I don’t know if there’s any need for it because the band already proved, with two albums, what their goal is. This band wants to make fun with neck breaking Thrash Metal!!!! Check http://www.myspace.com/razorfistmetal  

My Points : 86 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)