Metal To Infinity 

Razorwyre hails from New Zealand, not exactly the place to be if you have metal in mind, but this rather young band knows how to play there thrash furious and inspired by the mighty eighties! A freaky front cover artwork is a drawing of a young boy, trying to get his sleep, while the door of his bedroom is devastated by metalheads with leather spikes, studs, Flying V guitar necks and a lot of noise! 

‘Coming Out’ is the title of this MCD, which contains 5 classic high speed metal tracks that want to share a lot of enthusiasm and fun. It seems like ‘Razorwyre’ is paying a lot of attention on rather comical lyrics, like youth gone wild, instead of social issues. The first track “Party Of Five” is a perfect opener with a lot of influences, but halfway down the track, we hear a typical Iron Maiden arrangement until the song fades out.  Good opener, nice appetizer, nothing more, nothing less… 

The next track is called ‘Fuck You Tonight’, and we get a lot of reprisals of the chorus line.  In my opinion, this track could be much better arranged. It refers to the typical U.S. Metal of the 80’s, but of lesser quality… 

‘Operation Market Garden’ is the next song and although it has a much slower start, it seems like this track could turn into their best so far. I have the idea that the lyrics are based on a true story of a bloodbath that took place somewhere, somehow.   

‘Suspiria’ is track 4 on this minicd and we had already a good idea of the vocal chords of Zane and the guitar explosions of James and Chris, but this fourth track beats them all!  Great speed, awesome drumming parts of Nick and a rolling and thundering bass of Simon completes it all!  The chorus line ‘Calling The Witches’ delivers a very good song, that lingers on and on.  These guys now how to rock and roll with an aggressive touch! 

The final track is called ‘Battleshark’, which opens really heavy and slow, but that’s only for a minute. This track is switching into higher gear and the solos of the guitars lift this track to awesome heights!  Well, so far, we can conclude that Razorwyre is a band with a lot of potential, but still have to focus on the overall arrangements of the songs. Some are much better than others, so it would be cool to hear their next and future tracks with the same, high quality standard!   ‘Coming Out’ gave me a great time, so now it’s up to them to continue this path! http://www.myspace.com/razorwyreband

My rating: 83 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)