Metal To Infinity

Franko, leader of a great record label named Rock It Up Records sent us two new efforts lately, one from Seven Gates (meanwhile reviewed by MTI co-editor Officer Nice) – I will take the second review for my account… let’s spread the word of Re-Activate originating from Tacoma, Washington USA! 

Formed back in 1993, first album saw daylight in 1995 entitled “Prevailing Domination”… ten songs to enjoy, Re-Activate played Underground Power / Thrash Metal, right up in your face. That first album is completely added to the tracklist of “Prevailing Of The Unkind Domination”- as you know by now, an effort brought out by Rock It Up Records.  

In the year 2000, Re-Activate changed their name into Unkind – under this band name, they unleashed a first self titled output loaded with 7 songs. “Prevailing Of The Unkind Domination” contains both Re-Activate and Unkind albums, unfortunately I wasn’t that pleased when I heard the songs from Unkind. It seems they’ve not only changed their band name, also the style of music took a completely other direction. Please make notice of the fact that Re-Ativate's 27 years old guitar player Dean Gallinatti unfortunately died in a car crash which led the a split-up...  a few years later on, the rest of the Re-Activate camp reunited like true brothers of Metal and went on under the name Unkind!

The band Re-Activate caught my attention by the fact it’s true American styled Underground minded… a lot of power, late 80s / early nineties influenced, for sure I had a real good time listen to the entire album. I have to admit that my expectations perhaps were a bit too high… I was longing for some flammable US Thrash Metal with flickering guitar solo’s and neck snapping rhythms but these expectations were not granted entirely. Don’t get me wrong, I really do like the way Re-Activate brings their way of Metal – it’s just that, on some moments, more variation is lacking to me. I’d like to place these guys somewhere in a category along with bands like Faith Or Fear, Evildead, Faustus, Prime Evil, Sindrome. I never heard of Re-Activate before – thanks to Rock It Up Records I can expand my CD collection with just another US Thrash Metal outfit, worth to listen at! 

I'm afraid I can’t tell the same about Unkind – almost hard to believe how much they’re changed since switching the band name. No more Thrash Metal to detect, Unkind still has the power on board but this way Metal music is not my alley, honestly spoken. Sometimes the vocal use bores me, guitars are tuned a total different way than in times of Re-Activate… maybe it’s my personal taste of Metal music but I'm not satisfied with these seven songs from the band Unkind. This effort came out in 2000 and I don’t know what keeps Unkind busy nowadays. If they’re still around, I hope to hear more of them in the near future… I’ll cross my fingers and pray to hear them back like they were started. Hopefully, the band will re-activate its Power / Speed / Thrash Metal engine again!  

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Stefan)