Metal To Infinity

Metal from Poland? Fuck no, this must be US Power Metal! What a great demo, one of the best I’ve heard in a long time! Well, to be honest Relentless is announced being from Poland but Rick Buentello seems to be an American, from Texas or is it Washington? Or is Relentless American? Hell yeah, must be! Damn, I’m confused all over! 

Rick’s favorite bands are, in his words, the three M’s; Mercyful Fate, Motörhead and Megadeth. Listening to this release it is clear he’s influenced by them and so I witness guitar solos and riffs that remind me strongly to Dave Mustain’s and Denner’s kind of pulling the strings. I hope you’ll understand they aren’t exactly the easiest guitarists to idolize. Believe me that the quality of the performances are hooking up with this man’s idols or in one word; fantastic! Megadeth by the way also seems to be the major source of inspiration when we talk about song writing and the used vocal lines.  

“War without end” is a magnificent – call it a mind blowing - song to start this demo with. In vein of Megadeth, Meliah Rage, Rival, Annihilator etc. you’ll hear some first class US Power / Thrash with one after another screaming guitar solo. It’s a song that will seduce easily all Eighties Metal fans! Twisted guitars, emotional played fast fingered guitar solos, sharp riffs, an overload of Power and clear – yet aggressive – vocals. This demo contains a clear production and it makes the first song sound overwhelming. I can’t stop listening to this track, must have heard it for a hundred times now… 

This CD-R demo is only foreseen with a black-white self made copy as ‘booklet’ but I don’t care because Relentless blows me away! “Drunk and wild” is more traditional oriented and it’s clear also NWOBHM was influencing for the band. The song also has a more up tempo part, making it sound pretty Thrashy. Remarkable and even a red line between all songs are the extraordinary guitars; professional all the way! 

The title track is another great song and once more Megadeth crosses my mind. Not only musical wise; also some vocal lines are sounding similar although Rick Buentello’s voice is a bit higher than Mustaine’s… The song contains some sinister arrangements and it shows a good song writer is present here. Furthermore “Dead but wide awake” delivers good Heavy Metal rhythms; plenty of power and good melodic lines are blended. Although there’s a link with Poland I can hear clearly an US Metal musician plays an the major role! As I’ve said plenty of times before only Americans have the talent to play this kind of dark Heavy Metal, is it in their blood or what?! Anyway Rick isn’t able to hide his roots, no way! ”Extinction” is the ending track, ensembles all I have told you before… 

Relentless is ready to take the next step, as a matter of fact “they” should have been there before. I’ve noticed Rick is searching for musicians; take your chance and help him create a super band! Labels shouldn’t doubt offering this man a nice contract when he formed a true band.

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)