Metal To Infinity

Lately I wrote the review for Belgian based thrashers Gae Bolga’s new album “Violent Metalstorm” – a great and actually new piece released through French label Emanes Metal Records. Fact is the label have some more releases on the list to unleash as well – next in line comes from Résistance, a 4 piece band of true metalheads ready to deliver their second full length attack entitled “A Tale Of Decadence”. Other works they brought out were “Resistance” (2006), “Bang Your Fucking Skull” (2008 - available on both CD / LP), “Metal Forces” (2009 – split EP with US Thrash Metal legends Hirax) and they also contributes on a compilation LP called “Long Live Metal-Acte Premier”.  

It’s my first contact with Résistance from France so let’s find out what “A Tale Of Decadence” has to offer. The songs reflecting the story of a book entitled ‘The Monk’, actually a novel written by Lewis. I don’t feel the need to write about the background history on the novel – my upper interest goes out to the alley of Metal as played by Résistance. Based on the music only, these guys play excellent Heavy Metal and they don’t be afraid accelerating straight to speed up rhythms those who allow me to describe some of the tracks as highly appreciating Speed / Thrash Metal compositions. Buckle up for speed killers like: ‘Loss Of Innocence’, ‘A Silent Kill’ and ‘The Rape’… headbangers better take a stand and obey! 

The song structures are okay to me and so is the sound quality as well, guitar moves really please me due to the fast riffage and loads of melodic line all played in a quite Classic Heavy Metal manner… but there is more to tell on the band’s song characters. Playing a few a the songs only you hear right on they have a heart for True Metal music but one fact I truly don’t understand is why they feel the urge adding somekind of Gothic-like vocal lines to their songs. Singer Nathaniel Colas has a wide range of vocal skills within his might but unfortunately, he fails more than once to me.  

As I remember the album “Wolfheart” from Portuguese Dark / Gothic Metal act Moonspell I’d like to make some comparisons with Résistance vocal delivery.  Unstable, quite ironic… I just don’t like this way style of singing, that’s my own judgement you know. My advise to Résistance is simply to get rid of these gothic alike vocal lines – hearing the Speed / Thrash Metal tracks, I know this is the right way to go on in the future. More aggressive, raw type of vocal use and you won’t hear me complain any longer and I'm sure it’ll work end up excellent! 

And so I have to conclude in a way of dissatisfaction, all because of the weird choice / use of some of the vocal lines. Unfortunately but that is what my inner self told me on the entire concept of the album. Résistance, definitely a band loaded with enough skills to spoil True Heavy / Speed / Thrash Metal maniacs – about the vocals on their new album “A Tale Of Decadence”, you know my opinion.  To order, use this url:  

My Points: 70 / 100 (Review by Stefan)