Metal To Infinity

When former members of top bands join forces the result is mostly another top band. Reverence is a band that fits that label perfectly and contains ex members of Savatage, Crimson Glory, Tokyo Blade and Jack Starr’s Burning Star (ex-Virgin Steele). Do I need to say more or are these words enough to conclude Reverence is another superb band in the Metal scène? Well, I admit these bands are amongst my favorite ones but also objective seen no one can deny how important they were in the Metal scène, at least the US true Metal scène. These bands were innovative in the eighties and showed the right path to thousands of musicians, became idolized by an uncountable number of fans … Reverence has Steve Wachholz - drums (Savatage, Crimson Glory) , Bryan Holland - guitars (Tokyo Blade), Todd Michael Hall - vocals (Jack Starr’s Burning Star), Pete Rossi – guitars (Sanxtion, Overland) and Frank Kruckel – bass (Tokyo Blade) in its rows.

The digi-pack of the debut album from Reverence contains a very awesome and eye-catching front cover, from a sort that every Metal freaks will be attracted to it from the moment they’ll notice it. Also the band’s logo is seductive, proving some ultra professionals are busy right here. I’m quite sure that, even without the knowledge I have about the band, I would have given it a shot just because of that. I discovered Reverence on Facebook and immediately I was crazy about them, the video-clip on Youtube was enough to make me a fan of the first row. Thankfully the release date was very near to the day Reverence crossed my path and to be honest it was a long time ago I was so thrilled by a new band. From the moment this CC was received I couldn’t wait to give ”When Darkness Calls” the first spin, and the second, a third…. Uncountable times I have listened to this record since I received it, what a blast!

Reverence brings very addictive US Heavy / Power Metal and is one of those discs you will always adore! From the first notes the band overwhelms you and this dark played instrumental intro makes it obvious something special is heading your way. Reverence stands for traditional Metal but the way it is performed is unbelievable, outstanding in every detail! Not so difficult if you know how talented this band is but talent isn't enough; the secret how to write good songs is even more important! This album is full of first class Metal tracks and the highest possible quality level is present. The production is as above perfect and so Reverence delivers a product that the entire Metal scène can’t deny!

If you bring two awesome guitars, a super drummer, a strong bass player and an extraordinary vocalist together only superlatives can be used. This band knows how to bring melody, power and amazingly strong musical performances in balance. One after another mind blowing riff and solo is heading your way! These leads are amazingly strong and I suppose you already know my preference for fast yet emotional played guitar solos. Cold shivers, that's the word that fits the guitars perfectly and this album is full of it, brings one after another highlight! The basic lines by drums and bass really crushes your chest to pieces, so strong that it takes all of your breath away. The way the drums are played makes it clear where the name “Dr. Killdrums” is coming from!

Those who discovered the last Jack Starr’s Burning Star album knows that Michael Hall is a fantastic singer, a new rising star in the Metal world! His vocal lines keep on playing in my mind and the way they’re performed makes me bow my head very deep for Michael Hall. Next year his band (Jack Starr’s Burning Star) will play at the Keep It True festival and I suppose everybody understands I am already looking forward to it.

Fans of bands like Metal Church, Savatage, Armored Saint, Where Angels Suffer (especially the vocal lines) and plenty of other first class Metal formation won’t believe their ears! Eleven superb tracks and an impossibilty to pick out a favourite track. This kind of Metal breathes that typical rather dark atmosphere of US Metal but on to be honest it gives me also that 'summerbreeze' feeling, if you know what I mean! I'd like to see Reverence on stage as soon as possible and I expect them on the bigger Metal festivals next year. Every single track contains its strengths, reasons enough to adore them!

I’m really curious how the mainstream Metal magazines will review this one, not that they are representative but we can’t deny their role in making or breaking a band is important. When you listen to this one and you compare it with plenty of other 'so called' promising bands you will immediatly hear the difference. The way this album is produced, the way the arrangements are written and performed is so different, lifts Reverence above most other new bands! We can discuss this for hours but I assure you that Reverence is just top, a new highlight, a band that is able to become worldwide immense popular!

I can only recommend this band to every Metal fan, this release overgrows every subgenre and is too good to be denied! Heavy Metal at it’s best, a classic one we will talk about forever and a day! I suppose this album will be available in specialized Metal sores but you can order it anyway at This kind of qualitative music comes out very rarely but this one gave me new strength to keep on believing in US Power Metal as the 'sum mum' in Heavy Metal, the highest possible level if we talk about Metal! A first important candidate to make it as my “album of the year” comes from this new Metal sensation!

My points: 95 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)