Metal To Infinity

I wrote the review for Brazilian based Rhevange’s EP “The Way To Follow” quite a while ago – back then, I was pretty satisfied about these youngsters way of Metal… now they’ve just sent me the follow up to that EP – watch out for their first full length album entitled “Unleash The Power”. 

What to enjoy on this effort are actually 6 brand new works plus four tracks, re-recorded songs from their debut demo called “Darkness Of Light” (2000). Rhevange deserved my attention and support with their previously released EP, I was quite under the impression and with the born of “Unleash The Power” – I’d like to say hell yeah because the forces of real Metal are strongly on once again!  

Opener ‘Horse Spirit’ opens (in my opinion) not that very well and all has to do with the vocal use from the band’s new singer (and bassist in Rhevange also) named Wannder Carlo on this song… to me, kinda boring but at the other side you have to keep in mind there is a great structure to detect so… The guys make it all up with next ‘With Power’ while they’re able to turn up the power for real. Better vocal lines and great acting delivered by the other guys in Rhevange. Metal in its purest form is what we’re looking for and that’s what we can on a track called ‘Darkness Of Light’. Nice and easy in the beginning but further on, this song sounds real good and pay full attention for the awesome guitar moves anyway! 

My favourite song is definitely called ‘The Tyger’ – Carlos Zerna from Brazilian Prog / Power Metal act Vougan offered a helping hand and with this awesome musician’s excellent, high pitch throat… well, nothing can’t go wrong to me – awesome Power Thrash Metal with thrashy influences, check it out for sure! The one started with the sound of a roaring bike engine called ‘Burning The Wheels’, ‘Walking With The Wolves, ‘Revenge’ are one by one well done compositions but I have to admit that the vocals sometimes to start annoy – according to myself, the strength and consistency is lacking here and there. If their vocalist is able to, it should be better using vocal lines with higher notes.  

Maybe I'm not that pleased with the vocals but the style, the way these guys bring on their own form of Metal is outstanding – let that be clear! Excellent guitars delivering delicious riffs and killer solo’s loaded with nice melodic parts… Rhevange is a young band with many opportunities lies ahead to rule the world of Heavy Metal one day. My advise to the band is to work on the vocal lines and that’s not a criticising point, it’s just the way I feel.  

Nevertheless my reasonable negative view concerning the vocal lines, I still want to recommend ''Unleash The Power'' to every True Heavy / Power Metal maniac - feel free to give Rhevange a well deserved try out… check out the following sites: www.myspace.com/rhevange  /  www.rhevange.com.br

MY POINTS: 82 / 100 (Review by Stefan)