Metal To Infinity

Rise To Addiction is here with their second CD, called “Some Other Truth”. These English lads received very positive reviews with their debut album, one that was also released by Mausoleum Records. For ages Mausoleum Records was the home for a whole lot of True Metal bands! Nevertheless  it seems the strategy of this Belgian label changed somewhat. What I do mean is that Rise To Addiction was never a band I expected to sign on this legendary label but it seems more alternative bands can count on the support of these Belgians too. 

To be honest I’m not that fond of this kind of Alternative Metal but I do know there’s a big crowd out there that adores this kind of music. Influenced by bands like Alice In Chains, Warrior Soul, Tool but also by forefathers Black Sabbath these guys are presenting their newbie. What I can easily say is that this band contains some good musicians, a great front man and they’re capable to write and perform good songs. Commercial wise there’s a future in the music these British guys deliver. 

Most tracks are hard rocking with plenty of melodic ingredients in them. Without any doubts this band will score very positive amongst the new generation of alternative Metal fans. The guitars are great, the rhythms good, the vocal lines fits perfect. Especially the guitar solos are well tasted, Steve Wray is without any doubts a very good Rock guitar player.  

The arrangements are rather alternative, contains Metal influences and can for a big part be called grunge, or should we say ‘Post’ grunge nowadays? Best songs to me are “Scars We Wear”, “One more time”, “Home” and “Outside”. By adding varied elements in almost every song you can even link Rise To Addiction – at some points to be clear - to some Progressive music. 

Fans of previous mentioned bands can easily pick this one up but I suppose this band will get enough attention from big radio stations and so you will have enough chances hearing them… Although it isn’t at all my cup of tea I feel obliged to show my respect for this band by giving a high score. 

My Points : 88 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)