Metal To Infinity

What a professional and awesome concept of this CD, booklet, press kit, front cover…! Wow! We are spoiled by this label and that deserves our  well deserved attention. Other labels who are forcing us to download new albums can learn something about this kind of  public relations! Rising Pain? I can’t say I’m familiar with this band but also the intro and the first song sounds good. An overwhelming production, aggressive riffs, an earthshaking power, a devastating wall of sound! Yes, this band is ambitious, that’s for sure! 

If you’re into bands like Machine Head, Biomechanical etc I suppose also Rising Pain will seduce you. You will hear a lot of similarities and what is typical for these bands is that they sound above all Progressive too. At some points I hear influences of Nevermore, musical wise. The mixture of those destructive riffs and harsh vocals will easily blow you away. I know, not everybody is a fan of this kind of Thrash / Death, at least extreme form of Metal but it’s explosive, no doubts about it! 

Rising Pain varies their music by delivering fast drummed arrangements with vicious mid tempo, often sophisticated structures. Justin Bredvig’s vocals aren’t that technical and varied but this man owns a couple of strong lungs and the intense way he blows out his vocal lines are impressive. The fact that these guys are gifted musicians is proven by the beginning of “In the face of death”, not only because of the awesome acoustic solo but also because of the fact this is a good written extreme Metal track!  

The riffs are sinister and serpentine and some of the solos will rip you into pieces because of its brutality. Cutting riffs, blistering technical drums, passionate musical arrangements, exciting songs… all are brands for Rising Pain. Okay, you will get into it or leave it behind forever; I suppose that’s the destiny of this band. Their modern sound, groovy approach and straight forwarded form of playing Metal won’t please all of you but at least this band has a lot of elements that makes it worth checking them out. I admit not every track was equally well tasted by me but I didn’t hear any song I disliked, the opposite is a fact. At the songs “Feel Less Alive” and “Am I awake” you will hear a guest appearance of Antony Hämäläinen (Nightrage). As a big fan of acoustic, mysterious and dark acoustic passages I received some cold shivers listening to “A Matter Of Time” (the best track to me); awesome, superb, breathtaking!!! To be honest I couldn’t get enough of this particular track, I supposed I’ve listened to it a thousand times… 

This 9 song during album isn’t the first Rising Pain ever released. Their first warfare is a few years old and was called “Salvation for none”, an EP, soon followed by their debut "Existence Is Futile". It is obvious that Rising Pain has a bright future in front of them and the way they are supported by their label should lift them up to a higher level. 

Rising Pain is a band that deserves positive reviews and changes in Europe as well. This kind of music will please plenty of young Metal Heads, I suppose the older amongst us will need more time. Nevertheless you should surf to:  http://www.myspace.com/raisingpain1

MY POINTS : 84 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)