Metal To Infinity

What a difference between the reviewers I read on the Internet about this CD. At the one hand it was promoted as the new Nightwish, on the other side some reviewers called it pure garbage. There’s only one solution to find out who’s right or is the truth somewhere in the middle?

Rizon seems to be a Swiss band and contains seven musicians, two of them are responsible for the vocals. Listening to this one I can only decide the truth is indeed somewhere in the middle but the least I can say is that this isn’t trash. What I hear are some good musicians and I respect the band, the album. But no brain cell in my head will ever think of similarities with Nightwish, certainly not the Nightwish with magic Tarja Turunen.

Rizon delivers pretty good European Power Metal, melodic all the way. Each song is supported by good played keyboards and riffs, nothing spectacular but just good. The vocals are good, again nothing special to mention. The band worked hard on the song writing but couldn’t prevent that after all lots of clichés are used, nothing renewing. No real highlights, no song that takes me by the throat but I suppose fans of female Metal bands can live with this release. Check them out at http://www.rizon/ch.

My Points: 70 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)