Metal To Infinity

Robin Brock? She’s pretty famous in Canada and she received very good reviews for her earlier works. I’ve read her popularity in Canada is immense and also in Europe she’s retaining a bigger fan base. Her biggest hobbies are reading and biking, not particular my biggest hobby’s drinking a coffee. I’m a big coffee drinker as well and only therefore she remains my sympathy. Anyway, in her youth she was a fan of Kiss, Def Leppard, Bon Jovi… and plenty of other bands that, let us be honest, in particular the female Hard Rock & Metal fans adores. 

Reasons enough to give this album a shot although I wasn’t expecting a typical CD for the Metal To Infinity webzine. We love guitar driven music (read: heavy loaded and screaming guitars) but in our beloved style, Heavy Metal in general, I think we’re pretty open minded.  

After the first spin I’m convinced about this woman and her band! She a god damn good songwriter, the tracks are very good performed and this lady contains a very powerful and unique voice. At some points she reminds me to Lita Ford, the Wilson sisters of Heart (from the “Alone” hit) and Carol Decker of T’ Pau (remember the “China In Your Hand” hit?). There is another female singer she’s reminding me of, but even after five turns I can’t get on her name nor her band. At least I can say Robin Brock has the ideal music and even more perfect voice for this kind of Radio oriented Heavy Rock. 

This lady contains a very enjoyable voice, even a timbre that deserves all superlatives and her vocal lines, in these ultra melodic arrangements, are just top. No sophistication in the musical arrangements you’ll listen to but this band delivers high-quality Hard Rock songs from which the roots are lying in the Eighties FM (Hard) Rock. This lady mixes good Rocking songs with emotional oriented ballads. Mostly the music is a bit too soft for being pure Heavy Metal but it is too hard (and too good) for being some cheap music from one or another popular youth movie. I’m quite sure that people who are into the bands I have already mentioned will adore this release. 

Another strong point on this release are the guitars! In “Solitarily Girl” for example, a very strong semi-ballad, you will witness some outstanding acoustic guitars. But there’s more; the riffs and the guitar solos are from the beginning until the end mind blowing! Justin Abedin seems to be the man behind the strings. It are especially these technical played guitars that are – musical wise and without mentioning Brock’s fantastic voice – lifting up this band to a higher level. I even dare to say that it’s thanks to them this CD deserves its place on our website! Listen for example to “Two Words”, a mighty track and the guitars in for example ”Master And Slave”! 

If you’re into guitar driven melodic Heavy Rock I can only advise you strongly to purchase this CD. This is such a CD you want to hear on a sunny day, when you’re in the right mood for a day full of joy and fun. Robin Brock is the right woman on the right place to bring you into this mood!  This is the kind of album you will take out of you collection once and a while, just because...  

Be sure if Robin Brock will visit my country I will try to witness her concert, hoping some coffee will be available at the bar… Check this band out at or  

My Points: 89 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)