Metal To Infinity

For the beginning of this highly and very talented musician we have to go back to the mid eighties – first active as drummer within the band Madhouse, than Ronny Munroe continued his musical career as a singer. First band ever as frontman was Moxi followed by other Seattle Metal acts like Palladin, Far Cry, Rottweiler and he also collaborated with Kurdt Vanderhoof (original mainman of almighty Metal Church fame). One led to another and Ronny was asked to step into the Metal Church camp, which he did right on. After former MC singer Mike Howe left the ranks, a deadly silence fell over this legendary band – after a long time of absence, Metal Church was back on the rails with new singer named Ronny Munroe. The comeback of one of my all time favourites US Metal bands felt amazing to me but the pleasure was unfortunately short-lived. Ronny and Metal Church released only three albums, good efforts to me but not that strong as the band delivered in their early years of existence! Albums like “Metal Church”, “The Dark”, “Blessing In Disguise” are unbeatable to me, hard to do better actually! 

Back in 2009, Metal Church was no longer active – will they consider another resurrection? I truly hope so but time will tell you know. Original MC axeman Kurdt Vanderhoof formed his own Progressive Hard Rock band Presto Ballet, within the ranks of this band we’ll find Mister  Munroe as well. Presto Ballet debuted with “Invisible Places” in 2010 followed by the EP called “Love What You’ve Done With The Place” (2011). And the story of Mr. Munroe continued – in 2001 he fulfilled the line up of Trans-Siberian Orchestra featuring Chris Caffery of Savatage). To make the story complete Ronny also released three solo albums – first there was the EP “Eternal Quest” in 2007 followed by the full length effort “The Fire Within” – late 2011, the man spoiled us again with the brilliant “Lords Of The Edge” album through Rat Pak Records! 

On “Lords Of The Edge” he’s surrounded by guitar wizards like Chris Caffery, Stu Marshall (Empires Of Eden) and Michael Wilton from Queensr˙che. This new album feels like a gathering of world-class players only which you will hear as soon as you heard a few tracks only. Without a doubt, “Lords Of The Edge” is a fantastic effort made for all those into both present ‘Euro type’ Power Metal (as the song ‘Just Breathe’ let hear) and typical Classic US Metal in the vein of Racer X, Rob Rock, Antithesis, Amulance, early Queensr˙che, Vicious Rumors & Dio, …  

Vocalists with so many varying talents are very rare to find these days but okay, they really do exist. Respect, nothing but full respect for someone like Ronny Munroe although there is one thing I’d like to clear up (as I may speak for myself). I’m not agree with a statement I read on the Internet concerning the fact that Ronny is ‘The Voice Of Metal Church’. I disagree completely because that will be forever and ever the one and only David Wayne!! This great and legendary singer dies too damn early – I still praise and worship David with all of my heart! As for Ronny, he can be proud for being a member of one of the greatest Metal acts ever, Metal Church!  

Always sad to loose people you fully admires but I guess it’s all about fate, life goes on and as long as we’re surrounded by excellent Metal music we keep hanging on, right! No Metal like US Metal I always spread around and here’s the evidence once again brothers and sisters. Ronny’s voice sounds really good! Loud and clear, this versatile way of singing speaks to my imagination. His new solo album “Lords Of The Edge” has some BIG moments to offer, Power Metal rules mainly – although this effort has also a fantastic power ballad on board called ‘The Vision’ – less power than most of the other songs but still worth to lay an ear on. Fans of Classic Power Metal the American way better take a deep breath before playing songs like: ‘Let Them Feed’, ‘The Fear Of What’s To Come’,  ‘Full Circle’ and ‘Rock And A Hard Place’. ‘Still Alive’ is the most easy one of all but please, listen to the wonderful voice of Ronny himself – just another evidence that he’s really good!  

A lot of power and might type of guitar riff delivering and a wide range of superb, shred guitar solo works full of melodic tricks and stuff… I’m going crazy! Munroe’s throat changes its shape on regular basis – high pitch moments alternating with dirty, rougher type of singing (every now and than I even hear some similarities with R. J. Dio) to make “The Lords Of The Edge” one of my favourite albums of 2011 so a well deserved place in my last year’s Top 20 spoke for itself. Focussed on both vocals and musicality, perfect!  

All those on the hunt for world class Power Metal have to find their way to the homepage of Ronny Munroe at and place an order on the double. Great album for maniacs obsessed by the almighty forces of US Power Metal!! Hail and thanks to the guys in Rat Pak Records – check ‘em out hitting THIS spot. 

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)