Metal To Infinity

Earlier today I wrote down my thoughts on the new album from Roxxcalibur – entitled “Lords Of The NWOBHM”, a very well done album that makes me feel like I'm 16 years old again. That’s a long time ago but the flames of old school Metal still burn from deep within so onward we go enjoying and supporting as much as possible great Metal music.  

About the new album from Roxxcalibur – well, first edition came out as a limited product with a bonus DVD from the band live on stage during prestigious German Metal festivals like KIT 2010 edition and Headbangers Open Air 2009. Also there is the ultimate possibility to watch the band being busy in the recording studio along with mighty Chris Tsangerides plus a nice story, actually footage of the NWOBHM Anniversary Show happened at Keep It True Festival 2009. Yeah I really had a great time watching all the well know musicians during the rehearsals and live excerpts. A great picture of a hard working band of Metal veterans – side by side, like real blood brothers and sister (Enid Williams from Girllschool)  

As I see Roxxcalibur walking the stage with so much self confidence – no doubt about the fact these guys are really good! Gifted singer surrounded by two fabulous guitar players supported by good bass and drum works – a real pleasure to looking at… this means pure Metal for sure! Covers like ‘Lady Of Mars’ (original by Dark Star), ‘Destiny’ (original by Trident), ‘Witchfinder General (original by Witchfinder General) are just a few of the great ones. My TV screen spoils me with more goodies to look at such as Roxxcalibur featuring Brian Ross during Blitzkrieg’s classic ‘Blitzkrieg’ or ‘Master Of Disguise’ where Roxxcalibur is Savage Grace for a while. Always being a fan of US Metal act Savage Grace, it’s great to see that the original frontman Chris Logue was present as well.  

What I’d like to recommend to all of you is to order the new Roxxcalibur album “Lords Of The NWOBHM” first of all. It is an indispensable effort for all those who know what True Metal is all about – buy it, enjoy it with full force and if that ain’t enough, the bonus DVD will bring on some more excellent stuff in the form of 9 songs, KIT rehearsals, backstage visions, England studio report). Watch out: it’s a limited edition so be quick – order via THIS link.  

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)