Metal To Infinity

Since the creation of these German band named Roxxcalibur, it feels like New Wave Of British Heavy Metal has never leaved us. NWOBHM ruled with an iron hand way back during the late seventies / early eighties. Back then, the Punk movement lived their best days ever but slowly lost a lot of self confidence as time passed by. Honestly spoken, I was not worried about because of the fact my heart was beating for Classic Hard Rock and Heavy Metal music so I welcomed the new forces of NWOBHM with all of my heart. Bands like Angel Witch, Avenger, Witchfinder General, Def Leppard, Chateaux, Quartz, More, Tank and so many others – like it was yesterday, on regular times I will be surrounded by this pleasant form of music so I pick up one or another effort and reduce my volume to the maximum. 

What has this to do with the band Roxxcalibur? Well, actually everything! These Germans have a heart for all to do with NWOBHM or should I say True Heavy Metal in general! A few years ago they recorded a very first album entitled NWOBHM For Muthas through Limb Music, on it there were 12 cover tracks that’ll make me scream and shout. Roxxcalibur appeared as a really good band of Metal brothers! Singer and ex-Viron named Alex Stahl is the most well fitted person to deliver NWOBHM vocal lines – both guitar players able to serve harmonic leads and sharpened guitar moves to the extreme and also bass and drum works sound outstanding to me… is this the perfect marriage or what? Better believe it is! 

Now there is a second CD from these German lads released by the titled of “Lords Of The NWOBHM” and I don’t have to tell you what to expect from this product, right?! Okay, this is the band’s second output and again, fulfilled with cover tracks. Probably, you’d like to describe Roxxcalibur as a full cover act but to me they’re much more than that. These guys are so damn good in everything they’ll bring out – in my opinion is Roxxcalibur is just a top Heavy Metal able to blow many others from the map. I won’t be surprised if the band one day will appear with a brand new album loaded with songs of their own – I pray to God and hopefully that day will come soon! 

Okay, there are 15 tracks awaiting for all those longing for good old Heavy Metal works, original created by true masters of steel hailing from England. Before I played the entire new CD I checked out the songlist and it was obvious that I should have a great time listening to it. Both well known and lesser known songs served in a very excellent manner – stand strong for a True Metal assault by covers from: More (‘Atomic Rock’ 1981), Satan (‘Heads Will Roll’ 1982), Tokyo Blade (‘If Heaven Is Hell’ 1983), a very rare, never released… actually unfinished one from Saxon called ‘Lift Up Your Eyes’, Tygers Of Pan Tang (‘Hellbound’ 1981), Venom (preview: ‘At War With Satan’ 1982), Hollow Ground, Quartz, Saracen, Cryer, Oxym,… without a doubt, you will have a wonderful time checking out all these superb cover actions from the great Roxxcalibur brotherhood! 

To refresh my memory and to make a comparison between the original and the cover versions, I had to check out my own NWOBHM collection in hope to find back some good old efforts from Tygers Of Pan Tang, Sparta, Saracen, More, Tokyo Blade, Satan and more… a true fact is that the Roxxcalbur versions are really played with passion – it’s clear that the band checked out every musical detail and succeeds completely during the recordings.  

To be honest, “Lords Of The NWOBHM” is definitely the best cover album I’ve heard since a very long time. I only can recommend the product to old school Metal maniacs in general. New Wave Of British Heavy Metal still lives – total appreciation to the guys in Roxxcalibur who keeps this awesome style of music alive and kicking!! Amazing sound quality this time done in a collaboration with legendary producer Chris Tsangerides (Anvil, Black Sabbath, Priest, Overkill, Exodus, Gary Moore, Tygers Of Pan Tang,…) Check the band in all its glory at:  

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Stefan)