ROZZ - 2009



Metal To Infinity

There’s something about those French bands. Although Metal never really spelled this beautiful country I can easily mention a few bands I really liked from this area; Trust, Sortilège, H-Bomb, Manigance… The French spoken lyrics have  something that attracts me but I never had any explanation for it. Nevertheless Rozz is a totally band to me, these guys are from Orange, a city I passed several times when I was heading to the South, looking for that holy southern weather. 

Musical wise Rozz is very traditional. This is a band that could easily fit in the eighties Metal movement. Qua style I hear a band that is major influenced by this era and I suppose these guys are big fans of NWOBHM. Hard hitting rhythms on a normal tempo, riffs that are often heard before, vocals that are mediocre yet fitting the music perfectly. No spectacular arrangements, just pure Metal as good as it can be, specked with pretty good guitar solo’s. 

Looking further into the history of the band I discovered it is indeed an eighties band, formed somewhere in 1984. For some reason the there was a disbanding between 1988 and 2007, I suppose the revival of true Metal has something to do with it. The band released one full length album “Un AutreVvie” in 1986 and you can consider this as their come-back album or should I say EP? I suppose so because this disc contains only 5 songs, including a very good instrumental named to the band’s name.  

If you’re into traditional Heavy Metal and you don’t mind the French spoken language you should really try this band. These lads are good in what they do and although world’s domination will never be there destiny I’m quite sure a lot of you will be pleased by this band. Check them out at

MY POINTS: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)