etal To Infinity

A band from Singapore isn't that common. As a matter of fact Asian Metal bands aren't that regular, except for Japan I suppose. Reading that this band is responsible for more than one hour of extreme Death and Black Metal makes me curious. The intro sounds original anyway; traditional ancient Asian music which brings me at once into the right mood! The link between Rudra, the ancient Vedic God of storm and a form of the God Shiva, is present all over. Just a look at the front cover and you'll know what I am talking about...    

Let's discuss the music right now! Rudra contains four musicians and is able to deliver technical music but why aren't they? The superfast drums, in case the Black Metal side of Rudra, doesn't please me that much. At some parts I miss structure and I hear too much chaos. It is even hard to keep on listening all the time to this kind of music, maybe I'm not extreme enough.    

Not the kind of release I was waiting for although the mix with traditional eastern music contains special effects. Rudra is, in my opinion, working too hard to sound extreme and therefore they forgot to write good music.

My Points: 65 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)