Metal To Infinity

Runamok is a five piece Thrash Metal band from Würzbürg, Germany. I’ve been in that town once because of an edition of the Keep It True Festival. It’s a beautiful city and you wouldn’t expect Metal lives that strong in this part of Germany. But it does, be sure of it and Runamok proves it. 

The Belgian Mausoleum Records signed these Thrashers and here’s the result. People who know the band have the knowledge the band released four albums before but as far as I know it is the first release on this label. 

If you are in pure, yet technical played, Thrash Metal Runamok might be something for you. No, not technical in the Progressive way like Target or Mekong Delta but  with technical I mean some outstanding sharp riffs will make part of you. Influenced by bands like Exodus, Pantera, Annihilator, Megadeth etc Runamok delivers one after another catchy riff. Yes, talking about the guitars, riffs and solos, Runamok brings awesome stuff.  

If I tell you Fabian Swarch (Stormwitch, Paradox, Fallen2Pieces) is a member, aside of Oli Kaufmann (Tyran Pace) I suppose you’ll understand Runamok isn’t a group of newbies. Also Chris Weiss and Dominik Swarch are experienced Metal musicians.  

I have at some points more difficulties with the vocals, mostly they’re too ‘groovy’ for me. You don’t hear me say Michael Imhof has a bad voice but I’m not particular into this kind of Crossover vocals. Nevertheless I hear some clean vocals that please me but they’re pushed too often  into the back ground and that’s a pity. To me this kind of technical Thrash screams for strung clean vocals but too many bands in the past proved me wrong, let Pantera and Exodus be the ultimate examples! By using this kind of two kinds of vocal sounds Runamok sounds modern; this is certainly a band from the new generation of Thrash. 

But yes, I hear some great songs like for example “Nothing I Fear” and “Addicted To Vice”. No coincidence that the main part of the vocals are clean…  “Icons”, an acoustic instrumental, is an awesome musical intermezzo and gives the listener some well deserved rest. It proves how good the guitar players actually are in this band.  

Runamok is indeed a band Thrashers need to check out! If you adore some Exodus mixed with Pantera then I’m sure Runamok will blow you away by their devastating wall of sound! I can’t say this is a typical German Thrash Metal band, it’s up to you to like or dislike what I’ve just said. 

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)