Metal To Infinity

I suppose I don’t have an album of a band from Cyprus in my collection. That’s the isle that is split in two, right? There’s the Turkish and the Greek part and I remember there has been a war between both countries because of it. R.U.S.T. is the name of this band and this seems to be their debut album. Metal can be predictable once and a while and only a quick look in the booklet was enough to know how the band sounds; as true Heavy Metal. Add the album title in these thoughts and I can’t be wrong… R.U.S.T. is a band that uses clichés… 

Talking about the booklet I have to admit this is a nice one. Some awesome draws can be witnessed right here and I don’t get the fact why this artist didn’t use his talent for the front cover. Okay, the front cover is nice and fits the album title perfectly but…. Anyway R.U.S.T. is indeed a band that is clearly influenced by the mighty Eighties Metal movement. If they say bands like Warlord, Saxon, Accept and Savatage were their sources of inspiration they don’t lie at all. That doesn’t mean they’re able to hook up with these bands. Tons of other bands crossed my mind while listening to this one and to be honest this release should or at least could be released twenty-five years ago. 

A strong point of the band is without any doubt singer Jasos Karonias. This man contains a very good voice for true Heavy Metal and his high screams are really worth checking this one out. It gives R.U.S.T. that American touch that lifts a band often to a higher level. R.U.S.T. plays old school Heavy Metal, foreseen with interesting lead guitars. The epic touch fits the band, no doubt about it. The samples in and between the songs are good but I can’t say that they give the right spirit to the entire album. 

What I really miss are more interesting arrangements and a stronger production. R.U.S.T. is, qualitative seen, not able to be competitive nowadays with most European bands but I suppose that’s not their goal either. These five guys just want to play good old Heavy Metal and they succeeded… It will probably bring them to Germany to open on or another old school Metal festival but I suppose it will end there. That’s a pity because I believe there’s more potential in the band and this singer! 

If you’re into the Eighties True Metal scène and you don’t mind any clichés than you should definitely check out R.U.S.T. I’m 100% sure you will like songs like “The Thunder Rolls”, “Phoenix In The Night”, “In The Streets Of Rock’n Roll”, “Queen Of The Amazons” and the title track. A band with potential but hopefully with more original ideas in the future.

My Points: 78 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)