Metal To Infinity

Mike McDowell, producer and CEO of American based label Shredguy Records just sent me the latest edition of “Shredding Across The World” series… this one is number three  and as usual, all the guys participating on the CD leaves me completely breathless! Make notice of the fact I'd like to hear screaming and roaring guitars throughout decades and even after such a long time span – as soon as particular axemen begin to act like real magicians, offering enchanted guitar tactics… I'm a complete satisfied person! 

Well, “Volume 3” is meanwhile unleashed and the guys present on this silver disc delivering the best of the best in guitar shred! Some of you might say: ‘hey Stefan – we heard these kinda words many times before’ fully agree, but you’ve got my word on it… all the musicians appear by playing guitar this way out, to mean truly a lot to me – they’re just armed with phenomenal tactics.  

17 ‘shredders’ to enjoy on the latest edition of ‘’Shredding Across The World’’, one by one they stole my attention entirely! Again a real demonstration, a lesson how to handle an axe with passion. Such impressive moves are impossible to learn without practising fingers to the bone day by day for many years long. Like they say: ‘’to live and to die for guitar shredding is the only way outt’’! Besides unknown but awesome musicians like Andrew Danso, Dannyjoe Carter (fastest guitarist in 2008 by Guitar World), Lino, Claudio Cruz, Sean Baker Orchestra, Matthew Mills, Sean Baker, and more… I was excited to see a few recognizable guys present too. 

To start the list it’s awesome to see Chris Laseque from almighty US Metal band Jag Panzer! We also have Adrian English to announce (check out his brilliant album “A.D.D. on Shredguy Records), the mighty Rob Johnson we know from his CD “Shredworx” and the band Saddleback Shark (album: The Killing System) and Magnitude 9. Also great to see Kendal Bechtel (Fifth Angel), Steve Bello, former Dio shredder Tracy C, Richard Tull (ex – US Metal band Phantom X), Chris Sheridan from legendary Sweet Savage is also present in full gear! 

Chris Story (ex-All Shall Persih) is the last name on the track list – all honour to him to shut down this amazing, full instrumental compilation output that continues to shimmer a long time after. “Shredding Across The World Volume 3” is the best edition so far to me. Great to meet the new ones and an amazing feeling inside hearing back those well known shredders I’ll keep my faith in forevermore. 

Make sure to order your own copy of ‘’SATH Volume 3’’, especially if you are longing for delicious guitar tactics offered in many different, world class ways. Completely excited!  for more news, songs, video clips,… SHRED IS NOT DEAD! 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)