Metal To Infinity

Savage Crow is a German Heavy Metal band. We are spoiled if we mention German bands, mostly they offer a certificate of quality. Be honest, it's rare that German bands are delivering bad albums. Does that mean they have the best Metal scene on this globe? Not in my opinion but I'm sure those who read my reviews will easily know what my favorite Metal country is… 

Savage Crow stands for decent Melodic Heavy Metal, mainly influenced by the eighties Metal movement. Especially the guitars are holding my attention. Not only the riffs are melodic and very good played, especially the guitar solos are astonishing. Not that they are spectacular because of the speed but these solo sessions are played with plenty of emotional touches. To be honest also the riffs are touchy and I just adore it when Metal bands knows how to pull the strings on a way that I'm stroked by them. 

The songs contain arrangements we've heard many times before, reminding to example Hammerfall. Not that I'm such a big fan of this band but I do respect them. Savage Crow uses two singers, a male and female one. Both are using clean voices and that fits perfectly with the band, giving it a pretty original sound. The male vocals often remind me to Sonata Arctica, especially in the lower parts. 

You don't hear me say Savage Crow is a new 'worldwide sensation' but it is a kind of band most Metal fans will ask more information about. Not a surprise that these guys also wrote a ballad called 'Without You', which makes them predictable for a part. A duet is always great to hear but I suppose it is too hard to equal 'Let It Rain' from Wycked Synn, 'Phantom Of The Opera' (the cover) from Nightwish or Queensryche's 'Suite Sister Mary'. Nevertheless it is a good song that even has a special version on this CD. Once again the guitars (by Ivica Vidovoc) are taking the listener by its throat.  

Savage Crow is a welcome newcomer in the Metal culture. No, no new boundaries are found by these Germans but to me it is not at all necessary as long as bunch of good Metal songs are represented. On that particular point Savage Crow deserves a good ranking. 

My Points: 83 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)