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Back in 2009 I received the debut album from Allentown, Pennsylvania based Sinister Realm through Shadow Kingdom Records. A real masterpiece in Traditional US Metal it was to me – each year all at Metal To Infinity webzine bring in their list of 20 favourite albums… as for my own list, Sinister Realm deserved a place because their way of Metal means a lot to me. A band able to deliver such a great debut – it was immediately clear that a sequel would be appear sooner or later. Two years later on now, I'm very excited to spread the word of Sinister Realm’s second attack entitled “The Crystal Eye”, unleashed by Shadow Kingdom Records once again.

Drummer and Pale Divine / Falcon member Darin McCloskey and lead guitarist Patrick left the ranks and replaced by newcomers Chris Metzger (drums) and axeman Keith Patrick. Honestly speaking, my expectations on this new effort were very high stretched and due to their debut one was brilliant, it would be hard labour for the entire band to do better you know. Checking out the entire “The Crystal Eye” album watching for details and stuff, I can only follow my heart and say that Sinister Realm just brought out one of the best Classic Heavy Metal outputs at the moment. Damn right that’s the way I feel about the silver disc featuring again very strong / mighty, top notch vocals – fantastic on the debut album and believe it or not but on “The Crystal Eye” he’s even better… world class singer to me!

Also the guitar movements are perfectly worked out – loads of power riffs alternating with tons of melodic parts offered by many ways of technical skills… above all and very interesting for myself, a true 80s Metal character is present. You should hear the instrumental track called ‘Battle For The Sinister Realm’. Thundering bass lines and killer drums are on the bill as well… final conclusion on the full line-up allows me to mention the word ‘outstanding’.

“The Crystal Eye” has quite more epic elements on board but doesn’t bother me at all… on the contrary, it just turns out real good. To make that clear you better check out tracks like, ‘The Crystal Eye’ and ‘The Shroud Of Misery’ and the almighty song ‘The Tower Is Burning’ showing the band’s dignity for Doom Metal as well. Other works I would die for are opener ‘Wings Of Vengeance’ and ‘When Swords Held High’ – fast paced guitar riffs, awesome vocals and respectful melodic parts… can a True Metal maniac ask for more?

Expect a not too polished but still very well done sound quality following the tradition of Classic Metal in all its glory. “The Crystal Eye” is much more than a regular Metal album like one in a million so proudly point your flag right to the sky straight into the winds of 80s Metal music…. Sinister Realm from Allentown, Pennsylvania – that’s what US Traditional Metal is all about for sure!! Check the band at: / / label contact via:

My Points: 98 / 100 (Review by Stefan)