Metal To Infinity

Once again, the same old story repeats itself - some guys start a band, a full line up gets a fixed form... later on, some of them step out of the core - etc, etc. Also the American Heavy Metal band Skelator has not been able to protect itself from this kinda situation. It's actually a sort of happening numerous bands have or had to deal with one day. As a song from Thor called "Only The Strong Survive" - actually the right way to fight the fight of Metal.  

Well, ''Time Of The Sword Rulers'' is an album that is made for all those epic minded, classic Heavy Metal maniacs. American based Skelator present here two of their previously released EP's entitled ''Swords'' and ''The Gore Of War'' (split with Gutrot), both saw the crack of dawn somewhere in the middle of 2005. Also, 2 unreleased bonus songs are added to the list.  

To whom I can recommend this effort are in the first place all those hooked on the greats like early Maiden / Manowar / Overkill, Quick Change, Sacred Steel, Axehammer, Medieval Steel... These youngsters choose an old school type of metal music, I can guarantee you all - this choice was the right one to me. All sounds really old-fashioned and that feels alright! Don't expect a nice and clean sound quality - instead you will get an unpolished, authentic '80s sort of production. To all those on the hunt for a shining bright, modern way produced album - wrong choice, this one is for real! 

About Skelator's frontman Jason Conde-Houston - he has a sharp, sometimes nasal sounding voice at one side. The other side shows the vocalist in his mighty awesome, sharp as a knife high pitched shrieks in the vein of John Cyriis or James Rivera. Both are absolutely faves or mine because of their distinguishable talented vocal skills. As for Jason of Skelator, yeah - he stole my attention too! The songs on ''Time Of The Sword Rulers'' are loaded with pure metal guitar riffage and superior solos. One track entitled "In Metal We Trust" - actually an instrumental one is the evidence of the band in excellent shape. It does remind me of "Shadowfax", an instrumental composition from Fates Warning's legendary effort called ''Night On Bröcken''.  

Skelator stole my heart completely, thanks to a song named "The Wrath Of Odin's Sons". At least 15 minutes of excellent, breathtaking Epic Heavy Metal at its best is what you can expect - I was astonished through and through! In the beginning it was just like I was listening to some very early Manowar (song: "Bridge Of Death") meeting early Jag Panzer (song: "The Crucifix") with slices of Medieval Steel or Axehammer. Definitely one of my favourite songs of the entire album. Many tempo changes, great breaks, flammable guitar solos and outstanding riffs - once again, very awesome work! More fantastic songs on the list like: "The Dark Tower", "Heavy Metal Sacrifice" (Venom / very early Onslaught alike), "Death To The Falls", turn up the speed with a track calls "Siege Of Gondor".

With a running time of more than 66 minutes, you get value for your precious cash! Released by Metal On Metal Records with very good looking packaging, great cover art, layout, etc... '80s Metal fanatics can order with a fully rested heart. Skelator is currently working on songs for a brand new album that'd be unleashed later on - we at MTI gladly will keep you informed about the band's progress on it. Meanwhile order your own copy at: If you'd like to purchase the very early efforts of the band, check:

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)