Metal To Infinity

This band isn’t exactly my cup of tea… Although I’m into this musical business since the end of the 70’s, early 80’s, and my personal musical interest is varied from AOR to Black and Death Metal, it was really hard to take this ‘Sabbat’ trip.  The band hails from Japan and is huge in the underground circuit.  Since the beginning in 1984, they recorded several albums throughout the years and a huge amount of EP’s, singles and split albums with other bands. Their 6th album Karisma was originally released in 1999, including Japanese vocals. One year later, they released the album (named ‘Charisma’) as a limited vinyl edition including English vocals.  Well, ten years later, Pure Steel Records decided to re-release the English version with a lot of extra goodies for those that missed the original vinyl collector’s item!   

For some, it will be just awesome and unbelievable. For others, including myself, it will remain one huge question mark.  First of all, the sound of the recordings is not what we are used of nowadays! This is still underground and perhaps, it was all meant to be this way.  Secondly, we get three extra songs on the Charisma re-release, which brings the total playing time to 71 minutes. There is also a bonus disc included with 11 bands to pay homage to the original Sabbat songs, and one track is a re-recording of ‘Black Fire’, by the band Sabbat themselves. Die hard fans will be elated and delighted, as there is so much material for a fair price, others will reject this release as totally worthless. 

I must admit that the musical skills are livable, but once the vocals demand their part of the song, I became really upset.  What the hell is going on with the hysterical shrieking of Masaki "Gezol" Tachi??  This is abnormal, and it is touching me to the bone. I really tried to listen to the whole double edition, but sometimes people are demanding too much from each other. If you have a passion for the earlier Venom, Hellhammer and Death SS songs, perhaps this could be something that you will like, but keep in mind that the sound quality is much worse, and the musicianship and arrangements of the songs are terrifying…. 

My rating: 35 / 100 (Review by Patrick De Sloover)