Metal To Infinity

Want some pure and unadulterated Heavy Metal? Read this review about an outfit from Mönchengladbach (Germany), a band of four Metal brothers who have just released independently their new EP “Creators Of The Downfall”.

I can tell you already that Sacred Gate, established in 2008, is determined to show that traditional Heavy Metal is still alive, although some sick and pathetic minds claim the opposite. No doubt, Sacred Gate like to play their Metal in a traditional way – and that’s what I like!

Well, I guess that the 6-song EP “Creators Of The Downfall” is their first recording ever – the first release which shows what the band is capable of and believe me… Sacred Gate have a huge load of interesting ideas on board! Fist, they have a real good singer named Jim Over in their ranks – in a way this guy reminds of Charles Rytkönen (Morgana Lefay / Lefay, Inmoria), Brian Ross (Satan, Blitzkrieg) or even Hansi Kürsch (Blind Guardian). With a voice of this caliber you can be sure of success. Nicko Nikolaidis is the axeman in the band and does a very good job playing the most melodic guitar lines I’ve heard in the last few months. Decent riffing and beautiful melodies speak to my imagination. As for a little comparison, I’d like to mention the debut album of Tokyo Blade. This memorable effort bombed us with a load of melodic delights back then, decades later Sacred Gate bring forth their Metal in the same way – awesome! The strength of Sacred Gate is definitely the real good musicianship and the mutual chemistry seems optimal to me – and that’s exactly a value for sure!

Old fashioned Heavy Metal / NWOBHM fanatics: prepare for three studio songs and three live ones including the cover song ‘Fight For The Cross… Die For Jerusalem’ – originally recorded by the band Made Of Iron that featured Sacred Gate’s singer Jim and guitarist Nicko. The title track plus the other two studio compositions ‘Burning Wings’ and ‘Vengeance’ are strong enough to keep my attention high. Quite unique vocal delivery surrounded by heartfelt, melodic guitar lines and excellent, well suited bass and drum work make me say one word: GREAT! As for the live tracks, this is the evidence of Sacred Gate's strong live reputation. They should be asked to play at festivals like Swordbrothers, Keep It True or Headbangers Open Air in the near future!

Sacred Gate seem to be an outfit with a very big potential – first they stole my heart with this EP “Creators Of The Downfall” and the future will open up more international doors because of the fact that a full length CD will be out in the spring 2012 through Metal On Metal Records, THE label where True Metal lives! “When Eternity Ends” will be the title of the first official album from a band that knows how to play Metal I’d like to bow to! Check out their homepage at:

My Points: 88 / 100 (Review by stefan)