Metal To Infinity

Last year, German Metal act Sacred Gate caught my attention with a six song, self-financed EP titled “Creators Of The Downfall”. Sacred Gate gave me a real good time while I was listening to their stuff – my feeling afterwards were very optimistic… I knew I could expect great things from these guys in the near future. Of course, I was hoping that Sacred Gate would get a record deal shortly after, to bring out a debut, full-length album. Thank god they came in touch with Jowita Kaminska from Metal On Metal Records; one led to another and meanwhile – the deal was done! The debut effort from Sacred Gate has now been unleashed under the title “When Eternity Ends”, featuring nine Heavy Metal masterpieces!

Sacred Gate was one of those promising newcomers of 2011 in the world of Heavy Metal, so my expectations were high. For each and every band the release of the first full-length album is always a very exciting thing – a debut album should be good in all areas and no failures are allowed, if the bands want to take off fast with their career. A good sound quality, individual musical talent, song structures, cover art… the entire concept must be able to grab listeners by the throat right from the start. And I can assure you, “When Eternity Ends” by Sacred Gate fully meets these requirements and I’d like to tell you that the album sounds really fantastic!

We all know that the German Metal scene is huge, which means that you have to be very strong in order to be able to rotate at the top within the circuit. The rivalry is fierce inside the world of Heavy Metal so only the strong will survive and my judgement about that in the case of Sacred Gate… they will fight the fight with their way of Metal – they will not fail for sure... spread the word I was the one who said that!

The original sounding, full of charisma vocals of Jim Over are top notch – highly talented frontman! The guitar lines are so damn harmoniously melodic and played with technical skill… maybe you should check out your CD collection and pick up one of those almighty Tokyo Blade, Witch Cross or Parasite albums which offer likewise melodic parts as well. Drums and bass work perfectly attuned to each other… nice thing again!

“When Eternity Ends“ brings on the ultimate beauty of Heavy Metal music. If I want to boost up my spirits at the end of a bad day, I need my daily shot of Heavy Metal music. Mostly my own CD collection of old school, US Metal won’t let me down – it always gives me the strength to carry on, but the point is that Sacred Gate’s debut album will be able to bring on the goods as well. When troops deliver classy Traditional Heavy Metal & NWOBHM, nothing can go wrong for me. If certain bands add some very early 80s US Power Metal elements to their concept as well, I’m going crazy… well, thanks to Sacred Gate, because they are really capable of leaving me in a state of insanity!

I'd like to say that Sacred Gate can be described as one of the most promising acts at the moment - good future lies ahead for these German band! Fans of (musically wise) early Tokyo Blade, Blitzkrieg, Salem (UK), Iron Maiden, Wind Wraith, Avenger, Aska, Malice, Breaker and stuff, place an order right
HERE. Another superb Metal On Metal release which is underlining the fact that True Heavy Metal lives in the heart and soul of both label owners, Jowita and her husband Simone… respect! 

My Points: 94 / 100 (Review by Stefan)