Metal To Infinity

Sacred Oath reunited a few years ago and ever since they were more active than before. I suppose the appearance at the KIT Festival, followed by a little tour throughout Europe made Rob Thorne convince that Sacred Oath needed to go on and have fun playing Metal. Sacred Oath released meanwhile two official CD’s which are really worth checking out and now I’m not only talking as a US Metal fanatic. After all to me they will forever be one of the founders of US Power Metal. Their latest effort, “Sacred Oath” was a good release in which the band proved being ultra professional, focused on blending strong American style Power Metal with lots of melodies.  

From a colleague I heard the new album sounded very good, not something special to mention in a review if I wouldn’t be wondered that these specific words came out of his mouth. I didn’t know he knew the band because he’s not exactly a fan of US Power Metal. It proves, I presume,  Sacred Oath reaches a new generation of fans… Nevertheless I can’t agree more with my colleague and a few spins of this disc makes me believe that Sacred Oath is ready to take the next step in their career. Musical wise it seems the band keeps on growing. Since their reunion we noticed that the band became wide opener and the song writing ‘an sich’ became more and more important,  bit less dark and less difficult. That’s exactly what I mean with the next step Sacred Oath takes with this release although they will never leave the path of True American Metal. Anyway “World On Fire” became an album that young and old should adore just because it is ‘easier on the ear’, certainly when you compare it with the band’s classic debut album. The fundaments are still Eighties Metal, best described as Iron Maiden and Judas Priest meets Armored Saint, Fates Warning and Metal Church but Sacred Oath performs their music with their own specific touch.  

 “The King Must Die”, is to me the first real highlight on this release, great track! On this release I feel a stronger epic touch than before and that leads to superb tracks like for example “Sandrider”. This song contains so much beauty that I keep on listening to it. The intro, the devastating beginning, the rhythm, the riffs, the fast fingered guitar solos, the strong choruses and refrains, that fantastic acoustic outro…. This is pure Metal as it should sound! Progressive touches, thrashy riffs and traditional elements are perfectly blended and the guitars and vocals are lifting the band up to a higher level than most average bands. Rob Thorne isn’t only a great guitar player, his voice is still standing strong. This man contains a wide ranged voice and his clear timbre, including his specific clear vocal lines are so strong that main singers can only be jealous because of it! His high pitched falsetto screams are just fantastic, every note is performed with emotions or in other words Rob Thorne is responsible for killer vocals! 

Sacred Oath delivers high tempo songs (“Front Line” and “On Death Row”) but also slows the gear down when necessary. Just as the previous album you need time to discover “World On Fire”, only a few spins aren’t enough to discover all the secrets of this one. What I mean with these secrets are the hooks, the double leads, the catchy choruses, the shredding solos that will give cold shivers… No exaggeration in no matter what and this makes the band sound sharp! “Revolution” is one that fits the row of mind blowing tracks too and proves that Sacred Oath contains good songwriters, musicians that are skilled enough to lift the band to a higher level. It’s impossible to find weaknesses on this release although I can’t deny not every single track took me by the throat at once, time is needed as I’ve said before. For some reason Sacred Oath works the best for me when they change tempi in one and the same song; from slow and easy to hard hitting! The effect is every time overwhelming and the details, call it the emotions, these musicians put in every single note has a lot to do with it.  

The essence and spirit of classic the 80's power metal Sacred Oath is worshipped for is still present at this release, so fans of the band can’t get disappointed. Anyway the band added a bit of a modern touch to their music and I’m convinced that the path they have chosen now is the right one for the band. I am persuaded that the more Progressive, the more Epic, the more wide opener the band sounds the more popular they will become! With this release they’re able to slowly leave the underground scčne, at least as they will receive support. I know, this sounds ambitious but is Sacred Oath high energetic and deserves mind blowing Metal and one day this needs to be rewarded. No doubts this one will end high in plenty of year lists… To order: or  

My Points: 92 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)