Metal To Infinity

One of the leaders in the field of US White Metal is undoubtedly Saint, the band formed around singer Josh Kramer! They debuted in 1984 with the 8 song album  ''Warriors Of The Son'' followed by ''Times End'' ('85) and ''To Late For Living' ('86). These three outputs cleared up a lot concerning the qualitative irradiation of the band. We liked it, it was Classic Metal with a serious Judas Priest approach mainly to Josh Kramer's voice comparable with Rob Halford's 'lower and deeper' way of singing.


After three years of existence, everything went as planned with great forms of suucess but suddenly -  it seemed that Saint disappeared from planet earth. Many years of silence settled on concerning the Saint ranks. It took (to be precisely) 13 years for a comeback, these guys showed up again with a new album entitled ''The Perfect Life''. Well, Saint  missed their return to the Metal scene  to me because of this release wasn't the real Saint like we used to know from their early years. To much commercial works on it, I was afraid about their future actually but...


In 2004, they were back with the next album in row entitled ''In The Battle' - back to the roots, the real Saint was back with 10 brand new, glowing Heavy Metal tracks in the way we like to call 'Old School'. Next release saw daylight in 2006, was entitled ''The Mark' but I've missed the boat - you will not find back this product in my CD collection so I can't make up my mind about it. Looking at the history of Saint, we have to admit that these guys experienced a lot - want to know what Heavy Metal is all about, ask them for the right answer.


Okay, the point is that Saint is still active - they just have released a new album, their 9th so far, this one is entitled ''Crime Scene Earth'' and is available through Armor Records. One thing is obvious for me after hearing the entire album - this album definitely is one of their best efforts since existence. It's clearly that they picked up the old school tradition again and that's a great point to mention. I'm warn all those into Classic Heavy Metal music - ''Crime Scene Earth'' is able to kick you in the head. Mr. Josh Kramer and comrades to work magic 9 new songs (plus an intro) from their sleeves like true Metal magicians. I knew that they were able to deliver outstanding works but I had never thought they would deliver such a great album like this.


Great vocal lines in the first place by Josh Kramer, also bassist / guitarist Richard Lynch (original Saint member) takes some vocal duties for his account. Result, a lot of variation brought by two excellent frontmen. Brilliant, melodic guitars to boost up the level of this CD even higher straight to 'the ultimate top'. Watch out for songs like: 'Half A Times Measure', a song that breeds power, melody and loads of energy. Also be prepared for 'Terror In The Sky' and the title track 'Crime Scene Earth'. Judas Priest fanatics, watch the index of your CD player - when it indicates number 8, heaven comes down when a song called 'Invader' to explode your speakers. This Judas Priest song taken from the ''Stained Glass'' album is played by Saint in a very well done manner. I've heard tons of Priest covers  in my life but this version is one of the most brilliant on the list. Saint closes up in style with the song 'Lost' which is actually an anthem about all those experienced and survived the good old days - I mean the irresistible 80s Metal movement.


With great and memorable vocals supported by excellent drums / bass and drum duties - Saint can be proud on a release like ''Crime Scene Earth''. Glad their back and hope to hear much more of them in the future. Great job guys, surprise us all once again but don't wait too long - without a band like you, the Classic Metal scene wouldn't be complete!! All further info at:


My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Stefan)