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In the cold winter days of 2008, Christian Metal gods Saint released their latest album so far – entitled “Crime Scene Earth” and actually released through their own label Armor Records, I got the chance to review CD which I did with a lot of respect to the band’s long time career in serving Classic Heavy Metal in decent ways! Before I will continue to write down my thoughts on the new album “Crime Scene Earth 2.0” I insist to read the review as I wrote back then. Please, feel free to check out THIS link. 

But what’s the main difference between “CSE” (2008) and “CSE 2.0” (2009) releases? Well, as you’ve already noticed, Saint signed a deal with Retroactive Records in the first place and I guess that this way collaboration led to total satisfaction from both sides. Great label meets a great legendary band so…! Retroactive Records re-released the album with a completely different look based on the outside. You’ll get a delicious, awesome looking digipack with new artwork – about the music, the songs were all digitally remastered, remixed. Above all, some of the songs were re-recorded because due to the reason, on “Crime Scene Earth 2.0” you will hear Josh Kramer singing on all of the tracks. Guys having the previous release in their collection know that Josh only sang on three songs – the rest of the vocal duties were delivered by Richard Lynch, bassist and original Saint member. I had a great time hearing both guys serving their vocal skills very well on “CSE” (2008) but to be honest, I'm more pleased now that Josh Kramer can be heard during all the songs on “CSE 2.0”. There will be no Saint without Josh behind the microphone but still want to show my respect for R. Lynch also! 

If you’ve clicked the link in the beginning of this review, you already could read my own vision on the songs… besides the fact Josh is taking care of all the vocal duties, there is actually no big difference to detect. But at the other side, it has to be said that all of the tracks get another dimension, another feel basically. As for the sound quality on “SCE 2.0”, they choose for a less polished production this time. Based on that point, I'm very pleased because it all gives an extra old school feel to the entire album! My rating on “Crime Scene Earth” was quite high but well deserved – concerning “Crime Scene Earth 2.0”, I'm very satisfied again and want to raise my rating a bit more. Very good Classic Heavy Metal output – Check Saint at:  

My Points: 91 / 100 (Review by Stefan)