Metal To Infinity

By the grace of Classic Heavy Metal – I'm pleased to outline a picture of the new Saint album entitled “Hell Blade”, released through Retroactive Records, THE masters of unleashing both older and new Christian Metal diamonds! I'm sure it isn’t necessary to introduce a band like Saint – started back in the early eighties and released a whole bunch of awesome products… if you read this and tell me you never heard of Saint – you ain’t worth calling yourself a Metal head! 

I can’t be very positive about this new album – maybe it’s because of the fact, I always has been a fan of them since their early days of existence… anyway - in my eyes, Saint is a fantastic Classic Metal band through and through, no matter the cost. The new one “Hell Train” is their best since a very long time, let that be clear as crystallized water. From what I’ve heard on the album, the band goes back to their roots which means you better prepare yourself for a track-list of 10 new works (incl. the intro ‘The Ascent’). 

First full song calls ‘The Blade’ and yes, there we go in the good old Heavy Metal tradition… as always, Saint glimmers all over in their know style so called early Judas Priest alike. Singer Josh Kramer might have been not a pure high-pitched vocals use as legendary Rob Halford but the approach speaks to every priest fan’s imagination. Brilliant guitar riffs during ‘To The Cross’, another tracks that takes me by the throat! Fist banging into the sky with ‘Crying In The Night’… it seems a title for some kind of a ballad but hell no people, instead there is Heavy Metal pure coming your way out! 

‘Hell Train’ reminds me of Seven Witches’ ‘Metal Tyrant’, especially due to the arrogant laugh in the beginning of the song but Saint works out some pure magic, delivering a wonderful / power loaded Metal song played in a lower tempo still gives me shivers down my backbone – awesome! ‘New World Order’ comes along and I’ve got an early Scorpions feel deep inside my heart and soul. Attractive melodic guitars, each time sung with a typical Rob Halford kinda like voice. This new Saint album ends with my favourite track, the title song actually! Checking out the song I can tell that the structure is phenomenal good and have to admit also that this is the one all the magicians give away a skilled to the teeth performance. Vocal / guitar / drum and bass duties hand in hand in pure harmony – this is something really BIG! 

Take my words for what they’re worth – I just like US Metal whatever it takes, Saint were formed in times where it all has started… a time to embrace forevermore and even we’re decades later on right now, US Metal still reigns – even stronger than ever before. Early Judas Priest worshippers / Classic Heavy Metal defenders, check Saint’s “Hell Blade”out as fast as possible – I'm sure you’ll purchase this masterpiece soon enough. /  

My Points: 95 / 100 (Review by Stefan)