SAINT - TIME'S END (The Originals: DISC TWO)


Metal To Infinity

The day before yesterday I’ve posted the discussion for Saint’s debut effort “Warriors Of The Son” online - originally unleashed back in 1984, this great Classic Metal highlight has been re-mastered / issued by Retroactive Records which is a company delivering a grateful job giving some kind of a rebirth to killer albums from the past, mostly 80s Metal highlights! Concerning the brilliant Retroactive Records’ series called The Originals time has come to spread the word of Saint’s follow up to “Warriors Of The Son”, entitled “Time’s End” the album saw originally daylight back in 1986 through Pure Metal Records. Now available via Retroactive Records as digipack including liner notes of the band’s bass player Richard Lynch. Make notice of the fact that the sound quality is fantastic! 

Although “Warriors Of The Son” is real good, their sophomore “Time’s End” effort sounds better to me. Classic US Heavy Metal rule entirely… the nine songs on the album have a much bigger and stronger character, also the song writings are lifted up to a higher level. Vocally wise, Josh Kramer still can be compared with almighty Rob Halford and good point (at least for myself). On Saint’s debut EP he was pretty good as well but listening to the entire “Time’s End” album, high pitched vocal lines be applied on a regular basis and I’m really satisfied with that. Vocalists capable to use both standard, clean and extremely high vocal lines (read Ski (Deadly Blessing / Faith Factor), Geoff Tate (Queensr˙che), John Cyriis (Agent Steel) as well makes me feel good.  

Opener ‘In The Night’ takes you by the throat right on – hard as steel guitar riffings with great vocals and pretty technical solo works… die-hard Classic Heavy Metal maniacs will adore next ‘Island Prisoner’ as well. Driven by nice up-tempo velocities and again big vocals and guitar duties… awesome! Talking about ‘velocities’ – watch out for ‘Space Cruiser’ and its tremendous speed offering alternating with in-your-face tempo changes. Up and down going speed accelerations in combination with flammable guitar solo’s gets me in a state of euphoric joy once again. Saint’s music is also very melodic and emotional … listen to ‘Through You’ please! Without exaggerating in serving melodic parts, Saint take care of it perfectly! 

The hard hitting title track comes along and singer Josh Kramer proves again his commitment with Rob Halford. Especially while delivering lower or more subdued vocals, John’s similarities with Mr. Halford increasing step by step. Another favourite piece of mine is called ‘Steel Killer’, it’s the last and longest song on “Time’s End” but so brilliant! Classic Heavy Metal flirting with classic thrashing elements, great job! Superb middle part, actually instrumental intermezzo featuring magnificent moves spoiling my ears ultimately. This killer track stops just like Rob Halford did so many times in days of early Judas Priest fame – delivering a lethal dose of high pitch vocals!    

“Time’s End” is the second album from Saint and maybe their best brought out work ever. But before confirm that with conviction, I’d like to hear / review their third album “Too Late For Living” which is also re-unleashed / re-mastered through Retroactive Records’ shining series called “The Originals” featuring Bride and Saint so far. To the worshipping community of Classic Heavy Metal: don’t let slip this masterpiece through your fingertips – order quickly at:  one last thing for sure – you won’t regret at all! 

My Points: 93 / 100 (Review by Stefan)