Metal To Infinity

Originally released through Pure Metal Records back in 1988, another company named Armor re-issued Saint’s third album “Too Late For Living” in 2000. The one I’d like to talk about right now has been recently unleashed through Retroactive Records and belongs to the wonderful series of the label itself called ‘The Originals’. Containing the first 3 albums “Warriors Of The Son”, “Time’s End” and “Time’s End”. Piece by piece wonderfully / beautiful Classic Heavy Metal works that belong to the CD collection of everyone with a heart for the good old Metal scene. 

In the end of my discussion for Saint’s former work “Time’s End” I had promised to let you know which of these three Saint albums sounds best for me. A promise must never neglect so… best Saint album ever to me is “Too Late For Living”, no doubt about! The first two efforts the band ever brought under the sun were good, real good actually but what I’ve heard on album number three exceeds all my expectations. Former axeman John Mahan left the ranks and was replaced by Dee Harrington. I have a long time and ultimate desire for so called shred guitar tactics. Well, Mr. Harrington’s way of guitar wizardry is able to let my heart and soul melt with a lot of conviction. John Perrine replaced Brian Willis on drums, no Saint without Richard Lynch on bass and singer Josh Kramer, they’re still present in full glory, better than ever before eventually.    

The album opens with the powerful title track and set my living room on fire right from the start! Total hammering Metal into your head situation with each one of the line-up giving away the very best performance ever. Halford esque vocals with world-class guitar moves, this song is what Classic US Metal is all about! Put yourself in the right position in hope to survive the Speed Metal velocities on ‘Star Pilot’, a headbanger pur sang! ‘Accuser’ is probably the shortest song Saint ever recorded, with a running time of barely two minutes I’m not that satisfied but the band made it up for sure with next two ear catchers entitled ‘The Rock’ and ‘On The Streets’. A little less speed elements audible but the power, the energy and melodic / technical guitar skills rule entirely. And again, I will underline the great vocal delivery of Josh Kramer, as usual!  

And so the story of “Too Late For Living” continues, Saint bring on some more excellent works such as ‘Through The Sky’. The guitar duties on this track demonstrate the musical skills of shredder Harrington. Adding a guitar player of this way calibre, your band is guaranteed to success no matter what! Listen to the amazing instrumental ‘Returning’ and you will gunned down by a six string instrument loaded with tons of masterly, world class guitar moves. Last song on “Too Later For Living’ let fall down the curtain over the album in a quite silent mode. Entitled ‘The War Is Over’ falls under the category of semi-ballads, I’ve heard uncountable of these in the past but Saint knows how to handle such songs in style, check it out.  

Along with the re-release and re-mastered version of Saint’s first albums, CEO Matthew Hunt and Retroactive Records proves once again what the label stands for. Re-issuing Heavy Metal masterpieces from the past in full glory – always in a proper sound quality and good looking packaging, I’d like to lift up my beer and spit out the words Thank You by the grace of US Metal!     

My Points: 96 / 100 (Review by Stefan)