Metal To Infinity

From Rhode-Island I received a CD from Saint To Sinner, a totally unknown band to me. Seems that this formation is fronted by a lady called Desiree Villegas, on her turn unknown to the Metal community. For some reason I am always harder when it comes to vocals performed by a woman. Especially in Metal it is so god damn hard for a female to make a band stronger. Either you have the angelic kind of vocals, in which only Tarja Turunen, Floor Jansen and Sharon den Adel are top, on the other way the grunt kind of screams – think Arch Enemy or Holy Moses are exclusively. In ‘normal’ female voices it is so god damn hard to sound impressive… 

Saint To Sinner can’t really steal my soul because of the vocals. Musical wise Saint To Sinner is pretty original, mixing a harder kind of Rock with grooves, often Thrashy arrangements. The band produces a pretty unique sound and the band contains power. The riffs and sharp played drum parts are empowering the music without any doubts! 

Talking again about the vocals Desiree Villegas has without any doubts a good voice yet it is often to monotone to me. In “Vindictive” she’s supported by very strong male vocals and this doesn’t miss its effect. Not that this girl didn’t work hard to sound varied but the strength of her voice isn’t impressive enough and this has nothing to do with sexism. Mostly the arrangements are overpowering her voice and that’s a pity! I don’t want to sound too negative because this girl contains a good timbre but to me it doesn’t fit the music enough. At some points it gives the music another dimension but the ‘wow-effect’ stays away. In the beginning of “Careless” miss Villegas proves what she’s capable of and in these particular acoustic parts it is her voice that makes this song strong! It’s no coincidence because it are especially the soft parts that makes her sound stronger, empowering on her turn the music. For a part she proves my right because of it, especially when I compare both! 

Back again I’ve heard several arrangements that pleased me a lot and Saint To Sinner is hard to label. That’s more than a positive point because the band isn’t a clone, is searching its own boundaries and even more important, its own musical path. I really hope these lads will not take my critics too negative because therefore they’re too talented and mostly too original. There are points to work on but the second CD of the band is one you really need to give a chance. Check them out at  

My Points: 76 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)