Metal To Infinity

I can’t say NWOBHM is back ‘in’ nowadays but at least there were some eye catching reunions and no one can deny even the youth is interested again in this early eighties Metal scène. Because of Iron Maiden and Saxon this movement never really vanished, they belong amongst the most successful Heavy Metal bands ever but on the other hand we can’t say they kept on playing pure NWOBHM. Anyway the last years some bands came back, allow me to mention Cloven Hoof, Avenger, Tysondog, Satan and Jaguar. The German festivals like KIT and HOA has at least something to do with the renewed success…

Salem was also a band that stood at the cradle of the NWOBHM scène, making Hard Rock sound heavier and more powerful. It was a blast in those days to plat this kind of music but only a chosen few made it to eternity. From the rest there are either some LP’s available, either you can find a song of the band back on one or another compilation album. Some of those compilations were the beginning of a bigger success, others were just released to add amongst the collector items. Anyway, those who adore NWOBHM and know the scène a bit must have heard about Salem before. Weren’t they known as Ethel The Frog before?

Anyway you have the opportunity to purchase a double CD from Salem thanks to Pure Steel Records. If you’re longing for the good old days of the British Heavy Metal you shouldn’t doubt buying this one, look at it as a representative inheritance of the genre. One after another great melodic Heavy Metal song is available for you and this CD is a must for every fan on this kind of music. It even seems the band reunited for some shows, I suppose we can expect them soon at one or another true Metal festival. Check them out at

My points: 80 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)