Metal To Infinity

This is a cool way to start a record, original and responsible for the fact that I am focused at once. Sancta Sanctorum is another band on the Black Widow label and this kind of bands seems to be their brand; Obscure Heavy / Doom Metal. If you ‘google’ the band name you will find out the ‘Sancta Sanctorum’ is the most secret part of Christianity, it’s a chapel where only popes prey. Admit that this is an immensely original chosen band name, awesome. 

There is more to tell about Sancta Sanctorum because this band contains members of Death SS, a band that isn’t at all unfamiliar in our Metal scène. This Italian Doom Metal band always tried to seduce Metal fans with Horror topics and delivered several good albums. It’s another good reason to stay focused and take this trip to memory lane. 

You have to love this kind of music and I am pretty sure plenty of youngsters will turn their back to this one, probably because they have never lived the time era of it. On the other hand I am convinced that fans of Seventies and early Eighties Heavy Metal will adore this one. The guitar sound, the used keyboards and the way the songs are performed must please them! This band breathes everything what made Black Sabbath a phenomenon, everything that made Sabbath a group to worship. Even the band’s pictures are retro, occult but nevertheless attractive!  

One after another great song is heading my way in which especially the guitar performances and vocals are outstanding. The keyboards are mostly subtle weaved into the tracks but fits the music so well. The used refrains and choruses are bringing me into the right mood and convince me of the fact this is a fantastic Heavy/Doom Metal band. Sancta Sanctorum succeeds to bring the atmosphere of those medieval days back by the way they use the instruments and performs the songs. “Nothing Left At All” for example is a song that keeps on playing in my mind and the beginning of “When Hopes Are All Gone” brings me into a sinister mood. You should know that also the guitar sound is sounding ‘retro’ but I suppose fans of the very old Black Sabbath just love it this way. Steve Sylvester contains a very unique and powerful voice and is the perfect front man for this Italian formation. 

This is a great release and you should try this one out in your local Metal store or at least on the Internet. The psychedelic front cover in this eye catching digi-pack should be enough to find it back at once. This record contains 10 songs that should give the oldies amongst us an hour of pleasure. I know, there is a lot to purchase these days but don’t hold back to add this one to your collection.  

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)