Metal To Infinity

About this one we can be pretty short. This band is from Italy, obvious I suppose for an Italian label, and formed in 2007 by Steve Sylvester. Steve Sylvester? The mysterious and mythical singer of DEATH SS? I see, that rings a bell… Other members of this band are Danny Hughes and Thomas Hand Chaste, also old time partners from this obscure Metal band.

Anyway this is the band’s first effort and two covers are foreseen, one from Uriah Heep and another from King Crimson. Furthermore the band wrote two tracks to complete this EP. If you’re a fan of old school, really old school Seventies Hard Rock this could be your thing. The sound is obscure, dark and often psychedelic.

On this CD version also a video is available from the “Black sun” song. You should really check it out, at YouTube for example. Something special, something unique and yet so traditional, something that flies the listener back to the medieval times of heavy metal. Check it out at

My points: 80 / 100 (Review by officer Nice)