Metal To Infinity

French Heavy Metal seems to be on the rise again. I remember the good old days when bands like Sortilège, H-Bomb and Manigance ruled the European Metal scene. Later on, we got in touch with bands like Adagio, Anorexia Nervosa, Antaeus, Black Rain, Carnival In Coal and Kragens, but nowadays, it seems like there is a new revival coming our way. Recently, I got in touch with bands like Isis Child, Dagoba, Gojira, Heavenly, among others, but there is more to come in the near future.  At the Alcatraz Metal Festival, we received a few releases from an unknown label, (so far), called Emanes Metal Records. As we are always interested in exploring new bands and styles, we took a few good listens to the albums, and this is my review concerning the Sanctuaire album ‘L’Empreinte de Lucifer’.   

The band consisted of Florent B-Manquat (vocals, guitars and bass), Hellex B (drums) and Guillaume Pasut (guitars) during the recordings, but I believe that they added a new member, David Berbel, for a job with the bass guitar. The first album of Sanctuaire takes 32 minutes, so I don’t really know if we talk about a debut album or debut mini album… Nowadays it’s obvious that albums play for an hour and more, with only a few exceptions. Sanctuaire stated that their music was influenced by Killers, ADX, High Power, Malédiction and also the NWOBHM bands, including the deepest underground of Thrash Metal.  

Well, it’s hard to define the musical style and direction of this band, as some songs are really wild and fast (‘L’emmurée Vivante’, ‘Orage De Cuir’), others are slow and heavy (‘Pris Au Piège’, ‘Société Fantome’).  Besides the variety in composing, we hear a production that isn’t representative to the present. It sounds a little outdated and thrashy, and perhaps that was the original idea of the sound. Anyway, the production fits to the musical direction, so that’s a bonus! After track 8 (Comme Un Loup), we hear also two bonus tracks, and of them featured their first demo ‘Un Autre Enfer’, which was released in 2008.  

All in all, I had a great time in listening to this band and they created a special feeling on this record. It’s hard to compare them with major bands, as they sound really original. The vocals fit to the music, the production is in balance as well, and the craftsmanship is present all the time. What else can we say?  Let’s play it once again and I hope that this band will keep us updated about their future plans! Check the website of the record label to buy this product: 

My rating: 83 / 100 (Review by Patrick de Sloover)