Metal To Infinity

A classical and very ambient intro to start the CD with, awesome! I really adore those spooky intro’s, foreseen with angelic voices, creepy and responsible for some cold shivers… This band has my whole attention in a few seconds, curious what’s to come next. Sarah Jezebel Deva is known as the female singer of Cradle Of Filth, one of the most famous Black Metal bands on earth and it’s awesome to see she delivers her own solo-album now. 

The title track is a perfect start for this CD. What’s obvious from the beginning is that her voice is very strong produced, most instruments are pushed back in the background. Not that it bothers me because the sound of the guitars are strong, they sound sharp and create a great atmosphere. Talking about this atmosphere I need to say the band did everything to sound dark by using subtle keyboards and other effects.  

Sarah Jezebel Deva is a very experienced vocalist and her performances on CD are almost uncountable. Next to Cradle Of Filth her operatic voice can be heard on releases from Therion, The Gathering, Mystic Circle,… If you’re into female voiced Gothic Metal, full of dark melodic arrangements I suppose this release will please you from the beginning until the end. Some members of Cradle Of Filth helped her out making this record and the result is more than good. Fans of Therion, After Forever, Epica, Tristania,…. The music is bombastic and the classical arrangements are often overwhelming.  

Tracks like “They Called Her Lady Tyranny” are just outstanding! This is a very varied song, containing plenty of different emotions, different tempi, great riffs and drum parts and overall the fantastic voice of Sarah Jezebel Deva. This lady is able to use a lot of different sounds in her voice, making me bow deep for this much talent! Other great songs are “Your Woeful Chair”, “Newborn Failure” and the melancholic “Daddy’s not coming come”. No weaknesses around here, Sarah Jezebel Deva spoils you with one after another superb song! 

Fans of this kind of Heavy Metal shouldn’t doubt purchasing this record. It is full of highlights and this solo-album can be considered as a masterpiece in its particular genre. Metal heads with a wide ranged taste are obliged to try this one out too! A surprising release with, by the way, a very beautiful front cover. 

My Points : 89 / 100  (Review by Officer Nice)