Metal To Infinity

This a typical kind of modern Metal and yes, I like it. Okay, I am mostly  so traditional when we talk Metal but more and more also modern bands are able to please me. I can’t say they are all able to steal my soul but at least I won’t dry mentally up when the Slayers, Helstars and Maidens of this world will retire. Fortunately I will be able to say that Metal will be to infinity to me… 

Satanic Syndrom is a German band but I suppose that was obvious when you saw the album title. German is no common language in Metal but it is a strong language, Rammstein proved already why. And yes, in the music Rammstein has already delivered I really adore this language. On this release the language hasn’t the same effect because Satanic Syndrome delivers some kind of Gothic Black Metal and the vocals are pretty typical for this kind of music.  Mostly its rather hard to understand the vocals, either they’re English or German. With Rammstein the vocals are powering the music up, here they don’t. 

That doesn’t mean this is a more than enjoyable release. One after another good produced and atmospheric Black Metal song is heading your direction. It’s pretty easy to conclude that this band was influenced by bands like Dimmu Borgir and Cradle Of Filth and I suppose they actually were. If you’re fan of both formations Satanic Syndrome’s “Ein Traum In Rot” might be a welcome surprise. As far as I know these Germans released an EP before and I don’t doubt the fact these guys are facing a great career. This kind of music is wanted by the youth, supported by plenty of labels and a reason why Metal is still popular nowadays. 

So yes, Satanic Syndrome contains everything a cleaned and modern Black Metal band demands. I suppose True Black fanatics will search for a more obscure and darker sound. I don’t actually and the combination between the Gothic – bombastic an classical – arrangements and this kind of sinister music is for sure wanted. Good release! 

My Points: 85 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)