Metal To Infinity

A few months ago we posted a review about Satanika. This Italian band released their first full album, called “Metal Possession” and I remember this was a pretty good album. This band, although formed in 2009, could deliver an old school sound and was surely influenced by the Eighties wave of American Thrash Metal. Dark Angel, Exodus, Slayer…. were without any doubt sources of inspiration.

Satanika is back with a new album under the name of “Infection”. Until now only the CD is available but Iron Shield Records promises that also a vinyl version will be available soon. This album contains an awesome front cover that invites the listener to take a listen…at least if you’re into extreme Metal. And extreme Satanika is extreme indeed! After a short and dark intro this album takes off with killing riffs, super fast drum sessions and dark harsh vocals. The production sounds stronger than on their first effort but musical wise Satanika is still delivering ultra dark Thrash Metal. As I wrote in my previous review the band still seduces the boundaries with Black and Death Metal.

In my opinion the band digs even deeper into extreme forms of Metal and “Infection” sounds even more dark than before. After all Satanika doesn’t compromise at all and fans of Possessed, Morbid Angel, Viking, Pestilence, Thanatos, Believer, Marduk, Immortal etc. will adore this album. “Infection” is foreseen with eleven ultra dark and gloomy tracks that don’t actually fit this sunny weather. Wait until dawn, take the front cover to let all of your imagination do it’s work and enjoy this trip through the darkest plains of Hell!

There are a few guest appearances on this album, find it out your self! Lawrence Mackrory (Darkane) is at least one of them and his clean vocals are giving this band another sound (check “Into the fire”), one I adore as well! I really love Thrash Metal with clean vocals, so…. Anyway I give you my word that the arrangements, the strong production, the guitar solos (reminding me to Kerry King) and the entire atmosphere this album breathes makes it worth checking this one out if you’re into the most honest and true forms of Thrash metal! Satanika took another step forward, time for some worldwide recognition. Check or

My points: 87 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)