Metal To Infinity

From the Iron Shield Records company I received a package of their newest Thrash bands. From out of Italy I announce a band called Satanika. At the background of the CD the warning “May cause excessive headbanging!” makes me predict this might be the harsher kind of Thrash. And Am I right? Yes I am…. 

From the very first seconds some kind of dark atmosphere is heading through my speakers and Satanika proves why Thrash Metal deserves the terms “extreme”, “dark” and “evil”. Satanika is ultra energetic and delivers the listener ultra dark yet varied extreme Thrash Metal. By writing Satanika plays varied I also mean that there’s place for some great musical arrangements that constantly empowers the sinister and twisted mood the bands gets me into.  

Satanika plays on the boundaries of the even more extreme Black Metal but stays mostly a Thrash Metal band. Anyway the band can’t hide the fact that also Black Metal has been a source of inspiration, “March of the undead” for example…. Satanika is clearly influenced by bands of Dark Angel, Sadus, Viking and maybe the very old Slayer (“Hell Awaits” era) and tons of more obscure old school Thrash Metal formations. Satanika also found inspiration by those threatening Norwegian Black Metal forces and it makes that Satanika really blows me away with tracks you need to experience on a gloomy and menacing night. The band members seem to be fans of those old Horror movies too and often that kind of atmosphere crawls all over you while listening to “Metal Possession”, awesome! Possessed you will be, no doubts! The band didn’t use any samples to create that kind of mood, and yes, maybe it could have lifted this album to a higher level if fragments from their favorite movies would have been mixed in their songs…. On the other way I am pleased they didn’t because it makes them pure as hell! 

Are you into those might Exodus riffs? Are the Dark Angel arrangements giving you that perfect kick? Or you like it even more obscure and don’t mind a band that crosses lines of genres? You need for this kind of Metal a singer with the perfect serpentine voice for it? Well… Satanika might deliver a CD you were looking for since a long time. Add some good, even emotional played, solos (listen to “Deep Red” for example) and you’ll have another reason to purchase this one. A track like “Deep Red” proves anyway that these guys also adore traditional Heavy Metal, just listen to those fantastic mid tempo arrangements. Riffs you’ll hear on for example “The Arms Of Death” will really make your eyes wide shut and believe me musical wise Satanika is strong enough to convince every Thrasher! The band gears up the tempo at the right moment and boredom isn’t an option. Therefore there’s too much to experience on this release! And again I hear superb guitar riffs, ditto solos and a drummer who really knows how to smash his sticks! 

On “A Mother’s Love” I hear traditional vocals and Howard Smith is responsible for both of them. Howard Smith? It doesn’t ring a bell? H from Acid Reign does? Well…To end the band delivers a cover song from Bulldozer but both tracks with Howard Smith impressed me more to be honest. 

This intimidating and hostile gives the perfect thrill, a kick a person needs once and a while! Old school with a slice of a modern touch! Addictives should really check this band out on  

My Points: 84 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)