Metal To Infinity

Savage Blade, three guys from Canada, do exist only for about one year – great point is that these guys have just unleashed their very first album through Pure Steel Records – name of the CD “We Are The Hammer” and be sure, it’s a demolition hammer made of heavy steel! 

Classic Metal definitely is back – more and more upcoming bands put on their tight jeans and leather jackets to show respect to the almighty 80s era… you won’t hear me complain at all! “We Are The Hammer” saw daylight as a vinyl product before Pure Steel Records spoiled us with this CD version loaded eleven songs – for a band that barely exists for one single year… absolutely great effort!! Forget about originality – the album just brings on straight ahead Heavy Metal music, eighties inspired… describe a bit more detailed I should also mention the fact I hear slices taken from the NWOBHM scene too and I'm real elated with it. 

Guitar riffs are outstanding, amplifiers humming to the extreme, pedal to the metal rhythms – yeah, the only way out is to band your head like most of us did in the 80s like furious beasts. Savage Blade brings back those great feeling again – opener “We Are The Hammer” kicks me in the head. Stunning ‘thrashy’ guitar riffs, the song has some kind of a Classic US Metal feel on board… I wondered if the rest of the song would go on like this. Tokyo Blade’s cover track ‘Night Of The Blade’ from brings on good old memories back – I would like to mention bands as early Saxon, Coney Hatch to compare based on the musical aspect you know. The band has also a great singer in its ranks – the guys’ name is Nikko Forsberg and to me, he does reminds me sometimes of legandary, mighty and all time favourite vocalist of mine, John Leone (ex-Attacker – album: ‘’The Second Coming’’ 1989). This way vocals to sound as pitched as sharpened steel – Savage Blade has a great singer on board, someone to approach the Metal top! 

‘Stallions Of The Highway’ means totally Classic Heavy Metal with typical 80 riffage / flammable leads cut through flesh and bone… again the vocals seem outstanding to me! ‘Crowfoot’ plays on and I once again think back on ex Attacker frontman John Leone… this one has a dragging rhythm but feels good to me. Also pay full attention to ‘The Eagle Has Stranded’… very nice and gentle way of melodic guitar picking, I had the feeling to hear an instrumental composition but half past gone, a superb tempo changing shows up to bring the song to a climax pure as can be. Early Saxon / Maiden reminiscent guitar duties I’ve joined. Fans of NWOBHM, this CD also contains a cover track from Sweet Savage entitled ‘(In) The Eye Of The Storm’ and yes, it’s been played very well! 

I can conclude Savage Blade’s “We Are The Hammer” is a recommended product for all those praising the old school Heavy Metal movement real high. Far from original but I don’t care about that – great CD played by a band who is barely one year active, creators of an album like this… nothing but satisfaction and good hope for the band’s future. NWOBHM fans as well as Classic ‘legendary’ Heavy Metal (including US styled too) worshippers should check Savage Blade out at:  

My Points: 86 / 100 (Review by Stefan)