Metal To Infinity

Saviour Machine is a band from the USA, formed back in 1989 by the brothers Eric (vocals) and Jeff (guitars) Clayton – Dean Forsyth played bass and Chris Fee was on drums… their first recording ever was a demo that saw daylight in 1990. With songs writings about biblical facts, Saviour Machine can be considered as a Christian band playing their stuff in a Dark / Gothic Wave manner. I’m not attracted by this type of music, that’s why you won’t find back one single album from these guys until a while ago I received a promo pack from Retroactive Records – one of the physical stuff inside the package was the limited edition from Saviour Machine called “20th Anniversary / 1990 Demo”.  In fact a very nice collectors item for the true fans of the band, as for me I checked out all of the to write down my thoughts on it as follows. 

This CD (produced by Eric Clayton & Brian Kerhew) is actually a re-issue, a remixed version of the original analog recording of the eight song demo as originally recorded back in 1990. Die-hard fans had a rough time to get hold of this demo due to the product was out of print for quite a while – problem solved now and big thanks to Retroactive Records who are true masters in republishing good old Metal works. Besides the entire demo, the track list is completed with very rare stuff like ‘Ludicrous Smile’, ‘A World Alone’ (both 1991 demo recording) and a previously unreleased studio edition of ‘Church Of The Vatican Slaves’. Be aware of the fact the album is available as ‘limited edition’ so be quick if you want to buy your own copy – place an order right HERE .  

Eric Clayton’s voice sounds very dramatic / melancholic with a psychedelic undertone, he’s capable to resonate a lot of emotions deep within his throat. The musical aspect of these guys’ style of music definitely dances in total darkness, that’s why I’d like to call their name of the game dark minded Rock / Metal with a serious Gothic vibe. Some of the tracks still know how to keep my ears focussed on what will come on the other moment. Expect the unexpected from those tracks starting in a very easy mode but as time passes by they will end up real heavy in the end. One piece calls ‘The Revelation’, lasts for at least 22 minutes and reflects what a band like Saviour Machine is all about. This song brings all the elements above characterising the band’s trademark.  Even the facts I’m not hooked on Dark / Gothic esque type of Rock and Metal music, ‘The Revelation’ (divided into five parts) has real good moves on board. The song structure is quite amazing and heavy as the grand finale approaches… good one! 

This limited edition reflects a band in their early days and I have the intention that the sound differs from what they brought on later on (and that’s a lot, check Saviour Machine’s discography). Again, I’m not very familiar with Saviour Machine, I just make up my mind and confirm that they seem a bit harder and rougher than what the guys released the following years. Listening to “20th; Anniversary / 1990 Demo” I’ve heard some good moments but still I do not feel the real attraction, the rush!  

Valuable product for fans of Dark / Gothic Rock & Metal – available as a black and white coloured limited edition digipack loaded with very rare material. Collectors item for sure so be fast and order quickly at:  

My Points: 73 / 100 (Review By Stefan)