Metal To Infinity

More and more bands are mixing genres nowadays. Itís explainable because itís becoming harder and harder to be original. After all Heavy Metal is already at least forty years old and meanwhile thousands and thousands of bands have released even more albums. The scŤne is so big and the Metal virus is spread so worldwide that it is even impossible to know every band. Every country has itís bands and the original bands mainly became the most famous ones. 

Sawthis is an Italian modern Metal band, mixing Thrash with some Hardcore and Death Metal. This is the bandís fourth effort and I canít imagine Iíve heard something from them before. This isnít in particular my kind of music, mostly this is beyond my personal edges. The aggression is a strong point but for some reasons itís too much to me, more than I can handle when we talk about the amusement in music. Itís great that Sawthis mixes it with melodic lines but noÖ Groovy Post-Thrash is not my cup of tea. 

Nevertheless I need to be objective as a reviewer and I am quite sure youngsters amongst us will adore this release. In its style this is good and these five musicians know how to write good songs. Some choruses and refrains keep on playing in the mind but my problem is that I donít always want them to find a place in my brains. It makes it so dam difficult to write a review about this CD. An overdose of aggression is available and Sawthis plays varied Metal, musical wise and vocal wise. 

If youíre into aggressive modern Metal than Sawthis must be something to look for. Fans of Shadows Fall, Soulfly and Machine Head will like this one. 

My Points: 80 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)