Metal To Infinity

Scarlatyna is an old school German Metal band, obscure and unknown to the majority of Metal fans. These guys only released a demo in the early nineties but disbanded back then. The search of Pure Steel Records for old and forgotten gems made them discover Scarlatyna, made them release their old demos on an album called “Till The End”. 

I really hope this band is active again and will bring more goods in the future. The songs on this disc are really fantastic and although the production is dated it’s obvious some great musicians are around here. This is really the kind of Metal I adore. It’s some kind of technical Heavy/Power Metal with Thrash influences and clear vocals. One after another great emotional played guitar solo is heading my way and I am really into this kind of technical played Metal. The vocals are very varied, from ‘just clear’ to some kind of special higher voices, not like King Diamond but let me say it’s at least the right direction. Constantly surprising arrangements are heading my way and so it’s almost impossible to label the band. I hear US Power Metal like Iced Earth, A Tortured Soul, Onward, Jacob’s Dream, Psycho Drama and European bands like Eldritch (Italy) and Destiny (Sweden). I also hear technical played Thrashy riffs and here and there even some doom in the style of Savior Machine!  

The songs aren’t always easy to adept but that’s no problem for me because I get some kind of overwhelming Power over me while I listen to this one. And again, I really hope his won’t be a ‘one day fly’, a band that takes a piece of the old school revival cake. Fantastic release if you adore something special, something Powerful, something that really kicks ass! Give it a perfect production and a modern touch and this would have been a ‘candidate masterpiece’! 

My Points: 90 / 100 (Review by Officer Nice)